2014 Furniture Trends


What are this coming years furniture trends?  Are we still into rustic chic, or have we gone back to super modern?

Well this year is all about INDUSTRIAL CHIC mixed with a little bit of that still beloved rustic chic!

“Concrete” style stools


Last month I went to the Toronto Furniture Show and was surrounded by furniture pieces that were a mix of concrete, glass, chrome, rustic woods, and modern woods!


Modern rustic table with grey wood






The beautiful thing about this new trend is that you can easily mix it into many other styles!

It blends well with modern, rustic, or industrial styles. Keep your eyes open in the coming months for these great pieces that can be mixed and matched to fit your personal style.



Grey sofa with grey patterned pillows

As for colors … the main colors this year seem to still be in the greys, but with a lot of yellow and orange as accents.

I also saw quite a bit of teal carrying over from last year.  Once again, keep your eyes open for these fun colors and see how you can incorporate them into your own home.  A pillow or vase here and there can go a long way!


Beautiful grey and yellow rug





Photos provided by: Interiors Designed by Naomi Weissmann

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