2015 Design Trend Forecast … Part II

Okay, so now that we have covered the “Design Trends” part of the forecast, we can move on to the “Design Styles” part of the forecast, which I have to say is my favorite part!

There are three main styles that will be predominant in the coming year.  Each is very different, and therefore everyone will find something that they like within them.



Mid-Century modern styles and colors


So what exactly is mid-century modern?  … Mad Men!

Clean, classic lines, with lots of soft colors and refined furniture pieces.


Mid-century modern takes its inspiration from the 50’s and 60’s.  You will start to see a lot of furniture pieces that have squared off lines, thinner legs, and a lot of teak wood.  colors within this style tend to stay within the soft beige’s and creams and it has an overall air of sophistication to it.



Overall Vintage Style

Our second Design Style is: VINTAGE

We have all seen the slow emergence of vintage clothing over the last few years, and the even slower emergence of vintage furniture, but it is finally here in full force!



“Dirty Pastels”

Vintage is all about imperfect perfection, getting that beautiful look out of pieces that have stories and age to them.  Along with that “perfection” is the idea of having a relaxed and casual look.  When items are aged and roughed up a bit, they will automatically feel more worn in and comfortable.


Vintage pieces will help you in achieving a well worn personalized space.


Since the pieces you are using have that “dirty/used” look, your walls should as well (otherwise items wont connect), so try sticking to “dirty pastels”.  A “dirty pastel” is pretty much a soft color that has taupe as the base.


I must say that this style is one of my favorite as you can make several different looks out of it, allowing them to be eclectic and personal!



Pop Culture is a great design style if you’re not afraid to be bold!

Our final Design Style is: POP CULTURE


Pop Culture is probably the most fun of all the styles, and works well for those of you who aren’t afraid to be bold!


Pop culture has actually been influenced by social media, with all of its bold colors and statements … it was then translated into a design style!



Fun Union Jack throw pillow from Bouclair

Pop Culture is all about humor and being bold. There are no real rules, so feel free to have fun and enjoy!  It’s about making your space YOU!  There’s a lot of retro inspiration, as well inspiration from England. You’ve probably seen a lot of British items around lately … pillows, toy cars, etc….


This is a great design style to play with, and if you’re afraid do an entire room or house in this style, you can always add small touches of it.  Take this fun throw pillow from Bouclair for example!


No matter what style you choose make sure that it reflects you and your style, if it does then you will always love it!

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