2015 design trend forecast … Part I

I recently went to an Interior Design event in which the topic was the 2015 trend forecast, and I thought that I would share it with all of the lovely ladies at Wise Women Montreal!


Please keep in mind before I begin that a lot of these ideas come from Europe and might be a bit far fetched, however, we may get a “toned down” version of them.



Bamboo is being used to “grow” furniture.

The first idea that was brought up is what is called, “Natural Technology.”  The idea of natural technology is the idea of taking science and nature and merging them into one.  An example of this is a chair that is grown out of bamboo instead of being constructed by it.

This new idea will allow for a lot more natural elements to be brought into our homes, and they will all be unique in their own way.

This new idea also brings with it the creation of new “natural” fibers. With wool and cotton slowly dwindling, new materials are having to be created in order to replace them.




A stone sink brings natural elements into the home

The second trend which was brought up is what is called, “Primitive Strength.”  This trend has been surfacing for a little while now but will be seen in more items over the next few years.

It is the idea of going back to “raw” materials, such as the large raw wood tables, barn board doors, or natural rock basins in bathrooms which we have seen surfacing lately.





“Craft Revival” is bringing handmade items back into the limelight.

The final trend in the “trend forecast”  is what is called, “Craft Revival.”  Craft Revival is the idea of bringing back handcrafted items.  Consumers have begun getting fed up with “cookie cutter” items and want products which are unique in some way.  Hand made items is the way to get that,  and no, not all items have to remind you of that itchy sweater your grandmother once knitted for you.  Hand crafted items now include beautiful lighting, art pieces, and best of all, “upcycling.”

Upcycling is the idea of taking an old item and recreating it into something new.

There are even high-end furniture companies which have started to do this (taking old shutters and turning them into a dresser, etc … ).


In part II, I will go over the “Fun Stuff” … The Design forecast, which will include colors, furniture styles, and decade influences!

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