What Would You Do With 48 Hours of Alone Time?

I just spent 48 hours on my own – no kids, ALONE……

As a single mother of two I rarely have any time without my kids.  I am the primary caregiver for my daughters.  In my world this means that they live with me full time and spend most of their time with me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.   However, it’s not common for me to have a weekend without my daughters being at home.

No kids at home = no carpooling for 48 hours

No kids at home = quiet all of the time (a bit too quiet for what I am used to and what I like)

No kids at home = no set schedule for ANYTHING…….

In essence I just experienced a 48 hour period of time in which my primary focus was ME!

Sure, one of my daughters goes to sleep away camp every summer and of course my children sleep over at their friends’ houses from time to time, but having a weekend completely to myself is something that I am not used to on a regular basis.

Eat, Rest, Sleep, Repeat

Eat, Rest, Sleep, Repeat

eat rest sleep repeat

People always ask me what I have planned when my girls go away for a weekend.  I assume the expectation is that I have a weekend chock full of outings and meals and late nights.

The truth is that when I am planning for a weekend of alone time, I CHOOSE to do very little planning.

In my regular day to day single mommy life, I am the chef, chauffeur, time keeper, medic, mediator, dog walker, psychologist…..the list is ongoing – but my time is always based upon schedules of where my daughters and I need to be all of the time.  I have come to realize how much I loathe schedules, but I also recognize the necessity of following routines in order to keep things calm and working properly.  So, when given the opportunity to have 48 hours to myself, the first thing that I run away from is any kind of schedule.

Eat, Rest, Sleep, Repeat

Eat, Rest, Sleep Repeat

Parenting of any kind is exhausting, and it is so common to put our personal adult needs at the bottom of the totem pole.

But it is also so important to recognize what we need in order to fill our personal banks of comfort and happiness.

While I may not often have weekends to myself, and while I am in no way the poster child for taking lots of time for myself, I do regularly try to find moments in each day that allow me to decompress and walk away from the crazy schedule that is part of my life.  I have learned to get into bed early and just have time with my TV or IPAD.  I have learned to go and take a walk when the sun is shining and my carpool duties are on halt.   I have learned to sneak in a 20 minute nap in the late afternoon or to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book when I know my battery needs a quick recharge…..These are all tricks that help me to “run away” from the always evolving schedule that I have come to call life.


So, if you are at all curious as to how I spent my 48 hours alone, I will share all of the exciting details with you.  I started my ME time by getting a fabulous pedicure (there is nothing better than having happy toes!).  I then went home, had a quick nap, and went to meet one of my favorite friends for an early and very yummy dinner – the importance of time with friends is something that should never be ignored. I then went home, got into my pjs, and stayed in bed until after 10 am the next morning…….I can’t remember the last time that I spent a Saturday morning in my bed, but it was awesome!   Saturday was spent doing some errands, and spending some quality time with another one of my favorite friends  and her daughter.  Now for the good part……. I got home on Saturday late afternoon with the best of intentions to cook myself a delicious meal…..but my mood changed and I proceeded to get into bed and catch up on all my PVR’d shows.  How relaxing and wonderful to just curl up and do NOTHING with no expectations from anyone else.

I guess the moral to my weekend and my hope for all the single mamas out there (who sometimes get a few moments of alone time)  is to recognize what you need and to not let anyone make you feel as though your needs don’t matter.

You matter!  Your needs Matter!  You deserve to take the time for yourself!



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