How to add some colour into your Makeup wardrobe

Hello Beauties!
I love colour. I adore colour! Reds, blues, pinks, and purples! Greens and turquoise – oh la la! As an artist I get to splash around with bright paint all day. I think because I am so used to colour I’m not shy to add a dash of electric purple on my eyelid or line my eye with a bright turquoise pencil. Whenever I add that punch of colour, I always get the same reaction “Oh, I wish I could wear colour!” Well ladies…I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN!

mimiStanding at Sephora, staring at crazy neon turquoise eye shadow would scare anyone. We don’t want you walking around like that chick from the Drew Carey show….Mimi, right?


When playing around with colour here are my top three recommendations:

1. Less is More! turquoise-lower-lash-eyelinerIn the beginning, start off with a just a whisper of colour. If you go too much too fast, you’ll be less likely to try it again. I would suggest adding a little bit of bright eyeliner on your bottom lash line. This is easy, looks amazing, and won’t break the bank. All you need is a nice bright eyeliner. Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliners are perfect. They’re super bright, pigmented, creamy and last all day. This is a great look for colour newbies – you can add that pop of colour to ANY look, even a very neutral natural face. If you have brown eyes, try a turquoise or blue pencil. For green eyes, purple will make em POP right out and for blue eyes – try a bright gold or blue eyeliner.

2. Don’t be scared! Experiment a little when you come home, before you take off your existing makeup. Try a dab of bright purple in your corners or layer on some bright gold in the inner corners. The more you play the more comfortable you’ll be with application and you’ll learn what you like where.

3. Know you! If the thought of turquoise eyeliner makes you break into a cool sweat – avoid it! I have many clients who know what they like and they ain’t straying. Browns, golds, and neutral tones is all they want to wear – and that’s awesome! Be you! Wear what makes you comfortable. But all I ask – is you try! Try something new just to see what it’s like. Makeup is meant to be played with! Go to Sephora and sample a hot pink lipstick – you can wipe it off before you leave the store. Borrow a dot of your friend’s turquoise eye shadow just for giggles – to see what it looks like. Have fun!

It’s Spring time (finally!!) – brighten up your look with some great pops of colour and make sure to smile! Nothing brightens up that gorgeous face of yours more than a huge smile!

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