In a few weeks I will be celebrating a birthday,  a big one!! I’m not gonna lie… I’m dreading it!!! I know it’s just a number.  I know it shouldn’t define me.  No I don’t feel older, as a matter of fact most of the time I feel like I’m nineteen years old and that’s part of the problem… Where did the last twenty years go?

In a blink of an eye I went from adolescent to middle aged!!! Somewhere along the way I picked up a husband, two kids, a mortgage etc… What freaks me out is what if the next twenty years go by just as quickly???

Can't stay 29 forever !! :)

Can’t stay 29 forever !! 🙂

I can’t stop time from ticking away, I can however take steps to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible.  I have always been an active person and hope that in the next few decades that doesn’t change. I hope to one day be that grandmother who hops on the soccer field with her grandchildren, who goes out dancing with her friends when I’m pushing 70 !!!  While I’m still a ways from being called “Grandma”, when you hit these milestone birthdays I feel it’s a time to reflect and evaluate, plan out how you’d like to see the next ten years play out.

I want this to be me one day!!

I want this to be me one day!!

Exercise is my choice of an anti-aging potion.

Eorking out can help your brain, bones, heart, and skin look and act younger. Slowing down the aging process isn’t all about creams and lotions, but about how to build a strong body and a sharp mind from the inside-out.

The benefits of regular exercise are too many count. And while short-term goals like weight loss and muscle definition are great reasons to work out, they may overshadow some long-term benefits of a regular gym routine.

Research shows that exercise:
  • Promotes a healthy heart.
  • Helps in preventing some serious health conditions like osteoporosis
  • Reduces stress.
  • Protects against, and may even reverse the damage, of diabetes.
  • Is important for brain health.
  • Keeps the fat down.
  • Can help fight off depression.
  • Will improve your quality of life, keep you mobile, flexible, and happy!
To stay young use diet and exercise to keep your physical age lower than your chronological age.

Exercise will help with your posture, balance, muscle and bone density, flexibility and will fight off disease. Eating right and exercise will help you feel and look much younger than the number of candles on your birthday cake.  At least that what I’m counting on 🙂

Happy Birthday and many more!!!

Happy Birthday and many more!!!


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