Wise Women Canada women's workshop

Are You Ready to Turn the Page?

Do you have a story you tell yourself?

I’m not talking about that secret fantasy about the hot Starbucks barista.

The story I’m talking about is the one that works like a Venus Flytrap, sucking you in and holding you hostage to some pretty negative and harmful ideas.

Ideas like I’m not good enough; I’m a fraud; I’m happy with the status quo (even when you’re not).

The thing is, our brains like to be efficient. They don’t like to work harder than necessary, so when you have repetitive self-critical thoughts, your brain latches on to them and creates neural pathways which make those thoughts easier and easier to access. Imagine a car driving down a muddy road, its tires creating grooves in the mud. Each time the car goes down that road, the grooves get deeper. It might even get stuck. That’s what happens to your brain when you think the same thoughts over and over again. You get stuck in a groove. You get stuck in your story.

Wise Women Canada women's workshop

Our January workshop

The good news is, our brains are neuroplastic. This means that with the right tools, techniques and behaviours, we can create new neural pathways and change the way we think.

I’ve been working hard at not getting stuck in my story and silencing the voices of anxiety and depression that tell me I have no value, that something bad is about to happen, that I’m a burden and an imposter.

With the support of friends and family, the guidance of a wonderful psychologist, and a lot of self-compassion, I’m doing my best to rewrite the words on those dog-eared pages and start a brand new chapter.

Whether or not your struggle with your mental health, many of us carry the burden of negative self-talk. Of not feeling like we’re good enough or that we’re lacking in some way. And these thoughts often prevent us from moving forward and being truly fulfilled.

But what Lisa and I have learned (after a lot of work and soul-searching) is that you don’t need to walk around with that burden. We can empower ourselves, overcome that negativity and rewrite the stories that hold us back. We’ve discovered so much through our own struggles and we’re passionate about helping women grow. We want to be part of your  journey to becoming a healthier, more fulfilled you.

So join us on April 13th, 2018, in an intimate, hands-on workshop setting, to start the process of feeling empowered and begin to rewrite your story.

We promise you’ll leave armed with the tools to keep your evolution going (plus a great lunch and a lot of cool SWAG too!).

Need some more convincing? Look at what some of the participants from our January workshop had to say:


Attendance is limited to 30 participants, so get your ticket before they sell out!


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