Art of the Smokey Eye


Did you know that the smokey eye has been around for centuries? This enduring look was originated by ancient Egyptians (think Cleopatra) to help protect their eyes from infection. Today, the smokey eye is one of the most sought after eye looks!

There are 2 types of smokey eye techniques. The classic light color all over the eyelid with the outer corner darkened or a dark color all over the lid, fading into a lighter color. Depending on your eye shape or how bold you are feeling, one may be better than the other.

What you will need:

• Eye shadow primer
• Light, medium and dark eye shadow color of your choice
• A flat brush ( #239 from MAC)
• A blending brush ( #217 from MAC)
• A pencil brush ( #219 from MAC)
• Eyeliner of your choice

(You don’t have to use MAC brushes, these are just examples for what I like to use)
Classic smokey eye looks are generally done using blacks, greys and browns but don’t be afraid to experiment with other colors too!

The Classic


1. Start by applying your primer all over the lid and into the crease. Don’t be afraid to get it all over, you won’t see if after we apply the shadow.

2. Next apply your lighter color all over your eyelid.

3. Using your blending brush, take your secondary color (the medium one) and apply this in the crease of your eye in a “C” motion. Don’t worry if it touches the light base. You can always go back and apply more of the light color after. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the darkness of the crease.

4. Now for the smoke! For this next step, I like to use a pencil brush to draw out where I’m going to be applying the darkest color then blend it with my blending brush. Do whatever is easier for you. If you are more comfortable using just the blending brush, use that.

5. The darkest color should be applied on the outer corner of the eye. The best way to get a base is draw a sideways V from the outer corner to the crease. Then it’s all about blending! Blend in a circular motion and then back and forth in a “C” shape. Keep doing this until you achieve the darkness you are looking for. If you feel like you can see the light base as much, add a bit more once you are done applying the dark.

6. Apply eyeliner to the top and bottom; you can also apply some of the dark shadow with the blending brush to the bottom lashes to smoke it out.

7. Last step is to take the same light color you used for your base and apply this to the eyebrow bone and inner corner of the eye. This is the finishing touch for any look!

Bold Smokey:


*Repeat step 1
1. Using your medium color and blending brush, apply the color in the crease using a C motion.

2. Next, take your darkest color and apply it all over the eyelid. I like to use a flat brush for this to really pack on the color. Then gently blend the color up towards the crease.

3. You may notice that when you blend a color it can sometimes begin to lighten . You can always go back and apply more. Layering color is the best way to get the look you are going for.

4. Apply eyeliner to the top and bottom; you can also apply some of the dark shadow with the blending brush to the bottom lashes to smoke it out.

5. Once everything is as dark as you’d like, same as like the Classic, apply your lightest color to the eyebrow bone and inner corner of the eye to finish off the look.

I do suggest starting with your eyes first rather than foundation since when you use dark colors they tend to have a lot of fallout. This will make your life a lot easier!

Whichever look you choose; always remember to blend and have fun!

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