We've all been caught at some point in our lives with our fingers in our mouth, either nipping at a hang nail with our teeth or tearing at the skin on our fingers. Well next time, think before you put those fingers near your lips. Biting your nails or skin is just asking for germs and bacteria. Not only does it look awful and embarrassing (coming from a former nail biter) but it is hazardous to our health.

unnamed-1Due to our extremely cold climate this year, most of our clients have been coming in for their manis and pedis complaining about painful, dry, chapped and even cracked hands and feet. We Bliss Girls would even say it's an epidemic this year ! OUCH!  Also, because of the extreme cold, another big problem is weak, dry, splitting nails.
Here are a few helpful hints to keeping hydrated this winter:

Golden Globes, Grammy's, Oscars, and SAG awards.  My favorite time of year when it comes to fashion and nails.

All of the celebrities are red carpet ready with luxurious, glamorous and fun looks.  We are always paying a little extra attention to the inspiring nail trends everyone is wearing. We were pleasantly surprised by what we saw. The overall red carpet nail trend his year is a throwback to the classics; nudes and darks. Alas, the short, clean look was front and centre while few wore the long sculpted nail.

Don't neglect your feet just because it isn't sandal season. During the cold winter months, the blood moves away from the outer limbs, such as the fingers and toes, in order to maintain a constant body temperature. The skin on the hands and feet can become excessively dry causing cracking and splitting.

It's that time of year again! Time to take out our cozy fall sweaters, scarves and favorite booties. The best accessory to our fall fashions is the right shade of nail polish. Gone are the days of my mom who always matched her nails to her lipstick. Today, nail color is chosen because it's what's in style and trendy. The nail color you choose should always complement your skin tone, but there's no need to be matching it to your clothing or makeup. Have fun with your nails and be daring!