For quite some time I was hunting for vintage or secondhand matching lamps for a DIY project to transform them for my twins' rooms. I wanted to make one for a girl's room and one for a boy's room to show how one lamp can look two different ways. I finally came across a pair at an antique shop in Saint-Sauveur.  As I was walking back to the car empty handed, I spotted them outside on the porch of the shop.

Here I go again with some more holiday decorating.
In my defence, my birthday is Christmas day. Now that I have kids, it is all about them, and I am of no importance that day! So, I permit myself to take advantage of putting up the decorations early and enjoying every minute of it!

I am going to lay it all out there that I have an addiction to Pinterest. I sometimes (or always) get consumed for hours looking at images of just about anything for some inspiration. This time, I was searching ideas for a holiday wreath to hang on my front door that I could DIY. I came across two ideas that I loved and wanted to mesh the two together. One was a wreath made up of silver push pins (thumb tacks) and the second was using a frame instead of a conventional round wreath and hanging something inside of it.

I wanted to share a project I had already completed about a year ago. Once upon a time, I loved modern design and had short back white leather chairs with metal legs. But after falling in love with shabby chic, rustic and farmhouse decor, I decided we needed a change. I began my hunt online for four second-hand dining chairs using resources such as:

I have been staring at the blank walls in my master bedroom for almost 4 years now. Talk about being indecisive! Okay, maybe not totally blank because I did install a wallpaper accent wall where I have my bed, but I have been hankering to add a personal touch above the headboard - specifically something I could create myself. It has been a long time waiting, but hey, now I get to share it with all of you!