Becoming an Entrepreneur, the how and why?

Entrepreneurship was not what I originally had in mind when I thought about what I needed to do to make my work/life balance come to fruition.

My purpose was to find something I could do that would allow me the flexibility to be there for my family and still have the intellectual stimulation that I REQUIRED to stay sane, while making a few bucks! I knew that I was great at my job in Human Resources and staffing when I worked full-time, and while I was on maternity leave(s) many people had asked for me to consult on a few projects; friends had sought career advice so I thought maybe I could actually make a living at this but on my own terms.

Now that I madpeopleguru_small_r00 (2)e the decision to go out on my own and my husband was 100% on-board with the idea that I likely was not going to bring in any income for the foreseeable future and that would mean many financial sacrifices, it was time to bite the bullet! Truthfully, on paper it was great but I was TERRIFIED. Terrified that nobody would want to work with me; terrified that I was going to be rejected in a way that would crush my spirit and terrified that I would just plain FAIL. I decided to consult someone who has been an entrepreneur for many years now and whom I trusted implicitly. She was actually one of my greatest inspirations! After our meeting, I was armed with many tools to trudge forward and not look back.

Next step: I needed to create a name, it had to be catchy and fun and represent who I believe I am – so The People Guru was created. I got it registered and created a website but now what? I poured my heart and soul into building this website and concept. I knew I wanted to be different than what was already out there, inspired and unique. My approach is rather different as I approach HR & Staffing with a very open and collaborative mindset and believe that we are truly partners toward a thriving business. So with that in mind, the virtual business was built.

Two months in…a couple of clients begin to approach me. My first thought was, “great, I’ll knock their socks off and they’ll refer me”. That did happen, to a point. My downfall however has been that I go full steam ahead in everything I do and some would say I am relentless, which can lead to disappointment. I wanted it ALL and NOW! Why wasn’t this happening? What have I done wrong? Did I offend someone? Provide the wrong counselling? The answer is no, to all those questions. It takes time to build a name, a business and to earn the kind of financial freedom I had while working in Corporate.

Patience; trust in oneself; courage and determination – that is the recipe to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

It is now 4 crazy months into things, really this is still in its infancy and I am proud of what I am building.

My goals for this business: COACH a small business on the basic framework for many HR strategies and iStock_000045507888Smallprocedures needed for their employees. TRAIN managers and/or individuals on how to conduct interviews, participate in interviews and what is expected in these situations. CONSULT with you on your career path choices; determine employment strategies to hire and retain talent.

I am always happy to chat with anyone about what The People Guru can do to help you and/or your small business. Reach out to me!! I look forward to working with each and everyone one of you great Wise Women readers.

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