How to begin a running routine

The nice weather has arrived and you’d like to get outside in the fresh air to get some exercise, you’d like to start running but you don’t think you can do it.  As long as your doctor hasn’t advised you against running, then put on your sneakers and let’s go.

Ready, set, go !! A group of walk/runners.

Ready, set, go !! A group of walk/runners.

So it may not be as easy as all that, but if you have the right mind set about running you can improve fairly quickly and eventually start enjoying your runs.

If you want to be successful and not lose motivation start your running program slowly and build patiently.

 Even though you have made up your mind  that you are ready to start running, your body might not be, so give it time to adjust, and your muscles time to take in this new form of exercise. The goal is to build each time on your previous run and not break down by pushing too hard too soon.

Yes this is me running in underwear for a good cause.  So many great runs for different charities to sign up for.

Yes this is me running in underwear for a good cause. So many great runs for different charities to sign up for.

Obviously you are going to need running shoes. Now we all know about  my little addiction to athletic shoes,  but it really is important to start your running program with the right pair of shoes.  I’d suggest going to  a specialty running shop where a salesperson can watch you run and help you select a pair of shoes that offer your feet the support they need.

Other than good running shoes (and a decent sports bra…I’m still looking for the one) the only other thing I need to get going and see me through a run is my MUSIC!!  My playlist can make or break my run. Certain songs get me going and I sometimes get lost in my tunes and before I know it I’ve achieved my goal.

There are a few ways to get going on your running program:
  • I feel the walk/run technique to be the best for beginners.  You can walk a minute, then run a minute and increase the spam of which you run.
  • With smart phones today there are many apps that will guide you until you are running a 5K.
  • You can listen to your body and  run until you are out of breath and then walk until recovery and then run again.
  • My favourite way to  increase my running is to run one song, then walk one song, and increasing it to running several songs and then walking one.

Running is also a bit of a mind game.  It’s easy when you are running, especially if you are alone, to just stop and walk.  Here are a few mind games I play when I’m running and I’m tired and I want to walk – but at the same time I want to reach my goal of running 5km without walking. I tell myself to run to that stop sign, then once I get there I say ok just until that fire hydrant etc…

In really hard times, when I’m really struggling, I ask myself, “can you really not run another minute? What if a bear was chasing you could you not keep going? What if you someone offered you $10,000 to run another minute could you do it?” YES…. SO KEEP GOING!!

Running is not easy and it’s not for everyone, but if you persevere and are patient with your body you can do it.

My newest "kicks"

My newest “kicks”


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