Best holiday ever!

Hello lovelies,

It’s that time of the year! Flip-flops are put away, coats get brought out of storage and hung up in the closet, our lattes are pumpkin spiced and the air is a little crisper! Yup, it’s FALL! With the changing of the leaves comes my favorite holiday EVER – Halloween! I mean, it’s every makeup artist’s dream holiday… it’s a time to skip the natural looks and go for crazy full face makeup!
Here are some simple and fun looks for Halloween that are mostly makeup based

Cleopatra –Considered the most beautiful woman in the world, you’ll be the belle of the ball with a few easy swipes of blue eye shadow and eyeliner. You can make it simple or go full on Liz Taylor!
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Pop Art/Comic Book girl – look like you just rolled o2279ff8e599abada7d242fa79a0b995eut of a comic book in a couple easy steps. There are a lot of great  tutorials online as to how to pull off this look. Some are crazy freaking complicated and others take a couple dots and a giant speech bubble and you, my friend, are good to go!




Broken Doll – uh, easy peasy lemon squeezey! Do a complete full face makeup with the liner, red lipstick and blush – paint on a couple “cracks” and “crevices” 42202bc9e73632b29bab643fc4557885and you’re good to go. You can, with all of these looks – take it up a notch by watch2f3f0bcc4623b9399cd9e57418219559ing some tutorials but this one is great for those who don’t happen to have a bunch of face paint lying around the house.







3d4b1fdb1c2ad7ac4d504e5a60447415She’s back guys and I’m so beyond excited – JEM!!!! I’m sure we’ll be seeing a ton of these walking around but can you blame us, really?!? That giant pink star on your face?! I sometimes secretly wish I could rock that much makeup on the daily!





Lastly, go as a flapper chick… BIG d0392d8f2584d78167c464b5b37f796feramatic smokey eyes, red or win2fca9d447469764ab83f0dd69876a05de lips, and lots of pearls. Throw on some full length gloves and you’ll be jiving and jiggling like a champ!





Also – you guys HAVE to get out Village des Valeurs – I ran in the other day to pick up some stuff for my 5 year old and HOLY CHRISTMAS! It was amazing! They have sooo many accessories on the cheap! Like really cheap! So, do your makeup and buy yourself a wig or crazy accessory and you’ve got your complete costume for UNDER $20!


Have a great and spooky Halloween,

As always,




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