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[caption id="attachment_19746" align="alignleft" width="255"]I'm getting my nerve up to dive into my not so warm pool. I'm getting my nerve up to dive into my not so warm pool.[/caption] I’ve had days that I’d rather go for a bikini wax than actually put on a bikini or bathing suit - but I’ve put my bathing suit induced anxiety aside to hit the pool for a swimming workout.

Three years into this motherhood gig and I feel I have finally mastered the art of “me time”.  I get my nails done religiously. I have fairly regular nights out with friends. I even find moments to sip my Starbucks alone, uninterrupted.
I do all of these indulgent things with a clear conscience.  I feel zero guilt. It has become crystal clear to me that in order to be the best mom I can be, in order to sustain my sanity, I’ve got to set aside moments in the week to prioritize myself.

cocktail-doctorjenn_comBeing a mother myself of two young kids, 5 and 8 years old, I participate in a lot of mommy talk.  There’s my parlor group, the ladies at PTA, at soccer, ballet, hockey, etc. etc.  Some of the most common discussions often revolve on how to prepare our kids for the world.  How to shelter them but also how to help them handle the stresses that will surely affect their lives as they grow and develop as people.

[caption id="attachment_19707" align="alignleft" width="200"]Sky and Joel Ovadia Sky and Joel Ovadia[/caption] When my son, Aidan, was about 10, he started asking for drum lessons. My response was somewhere along the lines of, “No freaking way!”. The mere thought of having a drum kit in my house was enough to give me a massive headache. Also, we’d had a previous unsuccessful stint at piano lessons that required the purchase of a keyboard - which now serves as a musical dust collector.

Saying Yes to the Dress You’ve got the ring and now all you can think about is the perfect dress. This is THE most important dress you will ever wear…but how does one go about finding that special one that makes you just want to scream “YES...

We've all been caught at some point in our lives with our fingers in our mouth, either nipping at a hang nail with our teeth or tearing at the skin on our fingers. Well next time, think before you put those fingers near your lips. Biting your nails or skin is just asking for germs and bacteria. Not only does it look awful and embarrassing (coming from a former nail biter) but it is hazardous to our health.

[caption id="attachment_18318" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Homemade date and nut energy bars. Photo by Jennifer Maliniak Homemade date and nut energy bars. Photo by Jennifer Maliniak[/caption]
When you are a working mother, busy student, or young professional with a non-stop schedule keeping you busy every minute of every day, sometimes eating properly or regularly just doesn't happen.
It is often the case that you simply can't  find the time to stop and make yourself something, or even go out and pick up something quick. Hours go by without eating, and when starvation hits, we transform into irritable, short-fused rage monsters that just want something to eat- anything that will  satisfy our bellies, and keep us going without taking up too much of our time.

It can be intimidating to walk into a beauty store to pick out brushes. With so many options you may be feeling a little lost. Maybe you’re someone who has a ton of makeup brushes sitting in a drawer somewhere with no clue how to use them. Or maybe you apply all of you makeup with your fingers? If so keep reading!

Whether you've been living in your home 20 years or just moved in, renovations can be a stressful yet exciting time. However, are all renovations created equal? The answer to that question my dear friends is a big fat NO.  It's a statistical real estate fact that certain renovations will get you more money at resale or for evaluation purposes then other home improvements. I can also attest to this fact and will show you some great and recent examples of how this is true time and time again.

logan_self_esteem1When I look at my son, I see a lot of myself in him.  And for the most part, that fills me with an immense sense of pride.   He’s got my eyes.  He’s shy around strangers, but is a serious show-man/entertainer around the people he trusts.  He’s gentle and a bit passive. He’s super smart and retains everything. He’s an observer.  I love that he has inherited these parts of me.  These are things I didn’t necessarily teach him, they are just an inevitable part of his DNA, of who he is.

I cannot begin to tell you how many people have come up to me over the last 15 years and told me they think they have Alzheimer's Disease. People of all different ages, young and old, will say, "Trish, I can't remember where I put my keys, I think I am losing it"; "Trish, I walked into the kitchen and forgot why I went there";  "Trish, I lost my phone twice this week, but thank goodness I found it"; "Trish, what is wrong with me, do I have Alzheimer's Disease?"  The answer is 99.99% of the time "No".  I don't take these comments lightly, but lets not confuse what is normal memory loss with Alzheimer's Disease.

In a few weeks I will be celebrating a birthday,  a big one!! I’m not gonna lie… I’m dreading it!!! I know it’s just a number.  I know it shouldn’t define me.  No I don’t feel older, as a matter of fact most of the time I feel like I’m nineteen years old and that’s part of the problem… Where did the last twenty years go?
In a blink of an eye I went from adolescent to middle aged!!! Somewhere along the way I picked up a husband, two kids, a mortgage etc… What freaks me out is what if the next twenty years go by just as quickly???

There is so much meat in this book for group discussions that I was rather surprised and disappointed when I could not find any reader’s guide for a book club. This was a feel-good story, despite the disheartened past of the main character, Gertrude Samphire.

Shellac-ManicureShellac manicures have taken over the market in recent years . Shellac nail polish is a cross between gel nails and traditional nail polish. It gets applied like regular nail polish but dries like gel. Shellac gives your manicure a little more stability than the usual manicure, allowing longer lasting results. These manicures take slightly more time than the regular because of the UV curing process between each coat. The result is 45 minutes to an hour of your time every 2 weeks to have beautiful , mirror-like , chip free nails .