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chocolate-chip-cookiesDo you have a recipe or special dish that you’re known for? According to my kids, my mother is the grandma who makes the squares and my mother-in-law is referred to as the grandma who makes the muffins. My 9 year old son has already proclaimed that one day, I will be known as the grandma who makes the chocolate chip cookies.

As a sexologist, I have been teaching about bondage, dominance, sadism, submission and masochism since the beginning of my career. To be clear we are talking about binding someone or being bound, dominating someone either psychologically or physically, submitting to someone fully, and the receiving of or giving of pain.

At this time of year, with summer camp only a few short days away, I always find myself reflecting upon my own experiences at camp.  I started my camping career at the very young age of 2 years old.  One could say that I was very young to be a camper, but with my older sister and cousin to watch over me, I boarded the yellow school bus which took me to day camp every morning.   After 6 years of day camp I felt ready to conquer the world of sleep-away camp.  My older sister had started going to sleep-away camp and I wanted to follow in her foot-steps.
So, the summer after I finished the third grade, knowing NO ONE (except for my sister), I hopped onto yet another yellow school bus which took me off to sleep-away camp for 4 very long weeks.

This month it will be two years that my grandmother passed away.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her.  I can honestly say my grandmother was one of my closest friends and her passing has left a big void in my heart. My grandmother was 93 years old when she passed away.  She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and as her disease progressed my love for her grew even more.  I felt the need to protect her.  Truthfully, I am not sure if she ever realized the impact she had on me but I do know that the bond we shared was mutual.

Breathing is something we do automatically, no thought required, it’s one less thing to worry about while exercising…well actually you should think about your breathing when training. While breathing is something our body does on it’s own when working out there are breathing techniques that will improve your workout and safeguard your health.

Teens on the bike pathLast week my husband and I got all three girls to go biking with us. This is a much more difficult undertaking than it used to be, when their social lives were completely under our oversight. I didn't appreciate it at the time, but it's been a while, and our twin almost 15-year-olds are constantly busy with friends, school and extra-curricular commitments. And while I like to think they do still enjoy hanging out with mom and dad and their younger sister, it's probably not as high on their list as it used to be.

Post secondary education in Canada has always been was pretty inexpensive compared to our neighbours south of the border. Historically, the provincial governments across Canada subsidized schooling to such an extent that there wasn’t much need for our parents to worry about college tuition from the time we were babies. Fast forward 20-30 years and things have changed – big time.

Growing up on a secluded island of Croatia, sisters Magdalena and Jadranka have learned from their grandfather, the importance of swimming.  The first rule is to make sure you can stay afloat.  In life, they try very hard to do just that, when family secrets find their way back to haunt them after they have grown into young women.  One of the biggest challenges is accepting the fact that they are only half-sisters; Magdalena is the eldest and when she finds out that Jadranka has a different father, she tries to keep this news hidden from her for as long as she can.

So on account of a bit of a whirlwind winter, my food blogging came to a short hiatus. But rejoice! It is back. Now, not to harp on the fact that I live in St-Henri and that I love it, and that it is slowly becoming a culinary heaven, and that I am eating my way through the neighbourhood, well...wait I just harped. Scratch that. What I’m saying is that I know that the majority of restaurants I have reviewed tend to be located in the south-west, but how wonderful is it to have both the cheap and cheerful as well as the odd splurge just a few blocks away? So bear with me. I will bring you a few others in the weeks to come. I promise.

Finding the right people to hire can be challenging.
  I have recently spent the last couple of months looking at resourcing plans and preparing to bring on-board new talent for a big initiative at work.  On one hand, it is reassuring that you have support to help do the work, and that it is not expected that you do it all yourself.  On the other hand, it is a tremendous responsibility to make the right decision.  0013A poor decision can significantly delay the progress of a project and upset the dynamic within your already established team.  Both talent and inter-personal skills need to be carefully assessed.  Most often, there is a lot at stake.

Every day as a manicurist is an adventure. With every day comes new surprises.
What we have come to learn is that being in the beauty industry is not only about practicing a craft but also learning the dynamics of people and relationships.
This is not something that they taught us at school. We studied hard at learning about body systems, bacterias, products and applications just to name a few. But seldom did we speak of the amazing connections we would have with the special people coming in for their beauty treatments. We were only told that people would speak of many things but to never talk about politics or religion as this could be a very touchy subject for some.

SMOKEY 101 Did you know that the smokey eye has been around for centuries? This enduring look was originated by ancient Egyptians (think Cleopatra) to help protect their eyes from infection. Today, the smokey eye is one of the most sought after eye looks! There are 2...

So, for the past several months I have been using an online dating service called Plenty of Fish   [caption id="attachment_13678" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Online dating site, for free.[/caption]   (POF), yes cute title I know but a little deceiving. [caption id="attachment_13675" align="alignleft" width="119"] Sounds like music to the single person's...

Growing up I was fortunate to have a very close relationship with my grandparents. My relationship with my grandparents is what gave me the itch to work in the field of geriatrics. My grandmother and I shared a very special bond and after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease it was very difficult for me to face the effects of the disease on a personal level.