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My name is Sam, and I’m thrilled to be Wise Women Montreal’s hair expert. Check back with me often for great hair tips, product suggestions, and tricks of the trade. Over the summer, I’ve been using two amazing products on my curly-haired clients. Humidity can turn curls to frizz, which is never a good look (unless you’re channeling Diana Ross circa 1977).

FACE IT… FAD DIETS DON’T  WORK… LIFESTYLE CHANGES DO – Most of us look outside ourselves for that quick fix to shed 10 or 20 pounds with a fad diet. When this goal is reached we receive raving compliments from a partner, a family member or a good friend and we give ourselves a slap on the back for a job well done. We’ve worked so hard and we truly believe that this time the weight is off forever. But unfortunately as time moves on so do old habits and behaviors. No sooner than later that day comes in the not so distant future when we look in the mirror, try on those new jeans we rewarded ourselves with and the zipper barely budges!      Yes, we’ve gained it all back with a bit more and we don’t’ understand how or why! Does this scenario sound familiar?

The key to baking is ratios; if you know the ratio behind a type of recipe, say for cake or cookies, it is very easy to make variations on that recipe, or even create your own. In baking, ratios refer most typically to the weights of ingredients. For example, saying that dark chocolate ganache has 1:1 part ratio of cream to chocolate means that ganache is made from equal parts (by weight) of cream and dark chocolate. White chocolate ganache on the other hand has a 1:2 part ratio meaning that you would need double the weight of white chocolate to cream.

Welcome to my new blog! When the lovely ladies who started this site asked if I would be interested in contributing to the fitness section by blogging, I was so excited to be part of it!! I am not great with words or expressing my thoughts on paper, but I have so much to share when it comes to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle that I said “YES” right away.