Break the Habit: Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

In this day and age it’s hard to believe how many people still light up…break the habit


We have become wiser, but despite the bad rap smoking has on so many levels, it remains a difficult a habit to break. One thing I know for sure is that if you WANT to quit, that is half the battle! Empower yourself with that very thought!

The other half of the challenge will be the physical withdrawal of the nicotine no longer in your blood stream. That withdrawal feeling may cause you to completely lose your mind. Then you have your daily rituals to also contend with. Smoking a cigarette may be a comforting thing for you to do, either with a coffee, a drink, after a meal…

The above issues are not easy to overcome.

Help is here!

Did you know that a gut wrenching craving lasts only one minute? Yes, one minute…You can do just about anything else for that minute to change your frame of mind! When a craving comes your way:

  • take a deep breath,
  • get up and walk around,
  • do a wall sit or plank for a minute,
  • scream,
  • have a big glass of water!
  • Having low calorie snacks readily available can also help to cut the hand to mouth habit (i.e. celery, carrots, etc).

The important thing is that you change your mind set. I know it is easier said than done, but completely doable nevertheless. The physical cravings will come less frequently and will become easier to take on.

deathThe ritualistic part of your habit is also a dark horse, but again…It is not impossible to achieve. It’s all about recognizing the times that you enjoyed lighting up, making a slight change and a lot of self talk. You may want to avoid situations altogether that give you the urge to light up. I find that to be a little unrealistic because you can always find a reason to have a cigarette. But, if it helps you to avoid surroundings that may lead you beyond temptation, then so be it!

No-one said it is easy to give up, but you can do this!

Rewarding yourself is a must! Think of the money you’ll save and what you can now buy (more shoes)! Anyway, more of the things you really love!

I’m sure if you think about it you’ll realize you DON’T love to smoke, in fact you are READY to break the habit! There are so many positive outcomes when you get this nasty ritual out of your life!

  • You will look healthier and happier.
  • Your lungs will clear.
  • The mornings will not start with a cough to clear the passage.
  • Fresher breath.
  • Whiter brighter smile!
Let’s talk hard cold facts:


*Did you know that smoking reduces life expectancy by 10 years?

*1/3 of cardio vascular diseases and deaths are caused by smoking.*1 in 2 smokers dies from consuming cigarettes.

*28 victims in Quebec alone/day die of equaling 10,400 deaths/year.

*Smokers are more susceptible to lung issues (COPD- chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder; Asthma- shortness of breath; cough, colds, bronchitis…).

*A child exposed to second hand smoke is at greater risk of suffering from ear infections, colds, breathing issue, learning difficulties.

Shall I go on?

Your doctor can help with some smoking cessation tools (Nicotine patches, gum, lozenges), some oral medications are also available. Some other approaches can be helpful also, like laser, acupuncture, and hypnotherapy! Talk to us! We are here to help!

the end


Diane Tanguay RN


Canadian lung Association

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