Are Bridal Shows Worth Attending?

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Our Answer: YES!

Bridal exhibits are very helpful when planning your wedding.

Last weekend, the Ladies of L&L visited the infamous Elegant Wedding Bridal Showcase held at Montreal’s glamorous Windsor Ballroom.  With a majority of local vendors participating in various wedding shows, there is no doubt that these are a GREAT way for all soon-to-be-brides to meet the many professionals that make up the Montreal wedding industry.  When it comes to visiting these shows, event planners and brides-to-be share many commonalities. However, the most important of which being that they not only allow everyone the opportunity to meet and greet with vendors, but they also provide the opportunity for everyone involved to discover great new trends and inspiration ideas.

After having visited numerous shows in the past, the Ladies of L&L have come up with some tips on how to make the most out of all you bridal show visits:

  • Create an e-mail account specifically for all your wedding inquiries and quotes; this way all your vendor-related communications are separate from your personal account and organized in one location that is accessible to both you and your fiancé. Once you’ve confirmed with your vendor and have signed the necessary contracts, you can always give them your personal e-mail if it means a quicker means of communication. On a side note, this e-mail account can also come in handy when entering draws or promotional contests at the visited bridal shows.
  • Research the vendors before going to the show and write out a list of who you would like to meet. You can usually find a list of vendors at the official bridal show website. This will help you eliminate wasted time by knowing which vendors are in your price range and allow you to get a feel for their style.
  •   Your FIRST question to a vendor should be: Are you available on this date? If their response is “No”, don’t panic! Although sometimes you may not always book the vendor you had your heart set on, just keep an open mind. There are numerous professionals who would happily offer you their services, so just remain calm and you will surely find other options!fd
  • Hot Tip: Keep a pen handy; you will have your hands FULL with business cards and brochures, so as you’re collecting them, it’s a good idea to make a star on the ones you like. This will save you a big headache later on when you have to sort through them and realize that you don’t remember what each one offered.
  • Remember to bring your cheque book or credit card if you are planning to book any services or hold dates with a deposit. Don’t forget to always make sure you inquire about the vendor’s cancelation or refund policies.
  • Only eat a light meal before the show; you will want to leave a little room in your belly for all the tasty samplings!
  • Go prepared with your calendar or digital planner to schedule follow-up tastings or meetings with potential vendors. It will be much easier to schedule these appointments if you know your immediate availability.
  • With so many vendors just a few feet apart from one another, it’s easy for them to all start to blend together! To avoid asking yourself who’s who, bring along a digital camera or take pictures with your phone to capture the décor along with the vendor’s signage or logo in your snap shot.
  • Lastly, although you may have a million different things on your mind, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and share this exciting (and maybe stressful) adventure with a friend, your fiancé (maybe after a few “pretty pleases”), your mom or your bridesmaids. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so make sure you make the most of the experience.

sddscAttending a bridal show gives every soon-to-be-married couple a great feeling that there are people and businesses in your local area dedicated to making sure your wedding day is as special as you always dreamt it to be.  So just remember, take your time, wear comfortable shoes, avoid bringing a heavy purse or coat, bring a few color samples and swatches and enjoy the exhibit!

Here are some links to some upcoming wedding shows in the Montreal area:

Good luck and have a lovely time!

The Ladies of L&L

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