A Bright new day: fall photgraphy

No matter how much I pouted for one more hot day or prayed for the summer to never end, it did.

Lucky for me, there are lots of things that I love about the fall… Crisp morning air, the return to a schedule which somehow brings me comfort and makes me feel much more productive, apple crumble (à la mode), a new pair of boots (which inevitably will be purchased), comfy sweaters and, of course, the amazing autumn colors, although fleeting, spectacular while they last.

Fall is a time of year with the best lighting and an array of beautiful backdrops.  Get out and take advantage of all nature has to offer…Apple picking, a walk through the woods, piles of leaves for your kids (and you) to jump in, country fairs and corn mazes. Be brave in creating your fall photography.  Look for the light and the colors.  The golden light found during autumn in early morning and late afternoon is one of the most magical lighting opportunities of the year.  It is loved by photographers because it gives their subjects a warm glow.

There is no excuse to not take more pictures. Most of us have phones with built in cameras and the quality of them is beyond what our parents could have ever imagined.  I take over 90% of my personal picture with my iPhone and blow them up to a print of 16×20.

A few quick tips to keep in mind while shooting this week:

1.  Look for good light.  Whether it is a leaf, your dog or your grandma.  Look to place your subject in a flattering light.

2.  Do not center your subject.  If you want your image to have life and character, you need to give your audience an interesting composition.  Centering an image is completely unimaginative and dull.  Look for strong lines in a fence, or building, or branch something that will lead your audience to your subject.

3.  Shoot, shoot and shoot some more.  You will only improve your technical skills and visual abilities if you pick up your camera more.

Here are a few of my everyday autumn images.

IMG_2288 2

IMG_2239       IMG_2291 2


It’s a bright new day, go out there and shoot it!

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