Burlap canvas DIY decor

Here I go again with some more holiday decorating.

In my defence, my birthday is Christmas day. Now that I have kids, it is all about them, and I am of no importance that day! So, I permit myself to take advantage of putting up the decorations early and enjoying every minute of it!

large lonely wreath

large lonely wreath

So here goes!

In my dining room we usually hang 3 wreaths with the middle one being larger and smaller ones on either side. Unfortunately, we could not locate one of the small wreaths so instead of just buying a new one of the same size, I decided to do something different. On one of many adventures to Michael’s , I had spotted some new burlap covered canvases that I immediately was drawn to. When I realized that a wreath had gone missing, my wheels instantly started turning about what I could make to put in its place. I kept thinking back to those burlap canvases.


As my style is very rustic/shabby chic I thought about how I could incorporate a deer head or silhouette onto the canvas.

I began searching Google images for deer silhouettes and because I am picky, it took a lot longer than it should have. Once I found the right image, I adjusted the size to fit the canvas


deer silhouette

deer silhouette

DSCN5363I printed the image out on a 8 1/2 x 12 piece of paper. I then cut it out with scissors and centred it on the canvas. With a piece of chalk, I outlined the image on the canvas and then turned the image over so that the other burlap canvas was a mirror image and outlined  it with chalk as well. Next was choosing a colour. Wh I struggled with this, so  asked the help of people through my Facebook page. I ended up choosing teal, since it is my favorite colour and also, as someone suggested, it doesn’t necessarily have to be put away until next year but can be put somewhere else in the house since it works with my style and decor. Then, with a small painbrush, I outlined my chalk outline with the teal paint and then filled it in with the paint colour.



When I was done, I loved the way it looked but found it was lacking a little something -so I added gold push pins  every three inches around the perimeter. After installing them on DSCN5386the wall, I felt as though they looked too  small in proportion to the large wreath, so I had the idea to  have my hubby cut some barnboard for me to install behind the burlap canvases.

We love how it turned out!
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  • Amanda
    Posted at 21:22h, 27 November Reply

    Looks great, Mara! You’re so crafty. 🙂

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