Happy New Year!! 2014 has arrived and there is no better time to start something new than right now.
You're probably ready to settle back into a routine and reevaluate your health and fitness priorities.  I’m certain most of you have resolved to work out more, eat better and be a healthier you.

People love to have all of the facts.  They hear a tidbit of information or half of a story and find it necessary to ask as many questions as possible in order to feel as though they have all of the details.  Then they piece together the information that they have gathered, add in anything they feel is missing and share the “story” with others.  Sadly, much of what they share is fiction, and that is how rumors and gossip are created.


A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to our first prenatal class.
It was mostly about relaxation techniques that could be used during labour, and that aspect of the class was very informative. There was, however, little information provided on drug-related pain relief like epidurals and the instructor seemed to discourage the use of any “interventions” that could ease pain and/or speed up delivery.  I left the class feeling judged and unsupported in my possible choices during childbirth.

When my husband and I met and fell in love, our cultural and religious differences had a definite impact on the evolution of our relationship.
I was a non-practicing Jew.  He was a semi-practicing Catholic, Filipino.  We realized family_blogreally early on that in order for us to thrive and grow as a couple, compromise would have to be at the root of what defined us.    It took lots of practice, several fights and a tremendous amount of effort, but I feel that we’ve really mastered this art and compromise now plays a HUGE role in how we are raising our son.

Here at Wise Women Montreal, we're big fans of a bright lip. We love how transformative a colourful lipstick can be. It can intensify your eye colour, define the shape of your mouth, dress up a plain white t-shirt and make you feel just a little sexier.

When preparing for this blog post, I searched “benefits of yoga” which yielded almost seven million results in just 0.17 seconds! After clicking through a couple of the links, I decided that instead of rattling off an impersonal list of benefits that yoga is widely known for I’ll share with you the ways in which yoga has benefited me. Although I initially started yoga to get in shape and deal with stress, the reasons that keep me coming Dawn Mauricioback to my mat have changed. I now see that these benefits are interdependent, build on each other, and continue to evolve and deepen.

i-quit2-1046x489 The New Year is a great time to reflect and take stock of where you are in your career.  Is your work satisfying?  Or do you feel ready for a change? Are things not working out the way you had hoped?  Qutting your job, in favour of finding something more suitable takes courage and honesty with one's self. I have quit three important jobs in my career.  The first when I was in my ealy 20s, with a tyrant for a boss, and little "on-the-job" experience, but I knew enough to realize the situation wasn't right.
I quit and went to Cuba for a week. Best decision I could have made at the time.

One of the questions I get asked most often is which make-up brushes, among the eleventy billion available, are the most important to have. [caption id="attachment_3952" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Whoa.[/caption]   Don't be intimidated by the massive brush selections you find at most beauty product stores. If you're just starting...

  In my private practice, I work with many couples who are struggling to improve their communication and closeness with their partner. They are often frustrated with their lack of together time but unfortunately have a difficult time prioritizing it. Somewhere along the way, between late night feedings, demanding jobs, housework and hockey practice, they lost their way.

I really love surprises, so my husband and I have decided not to find out our baby’s gender.
Given this unknown, people have been asking me whether I have a preference for a boy or a girl. Honestly I answer that I have none; all that I want after the journey it took us to get pregnant is a healthy baby. However, lately I’ve started to put those worries aside and imagine life as a mother. I’ve wondered: what are my expectations for this child? What kind of person do I want he or she to become?


Don't neglect your feet just because it isn't sandal season. During the cold winter months, the blood moves away from the outer limbs, such as the fingers and toes, in order to maintain a constant body temperature. The skin on the hands and feet can become excessively dry causing cracking and splitting.

One of my very best friends is having her first baby in a few months and I cannot be more thrilled for her.
She is a wonderful person who is patient, kind and loving....all the components necessary for becoming an amazing mama.  Soon, she will have the honor of wearing her well-deserved motherhood badge and will plunge into the ever-so-glamorous world of poop, spit-up, mommy-guilt and exhaustion.