Celebrity Nail Trends & The Christian Louboutin Mani

Louboutin polish

Louboutin polish

Here’s what trending so far this year in the nail world. The 2015 Golden Globes showed a wide array of nailcolours/ shapes and styles. From J.Lo’s metallic pink pointy nails to Kerry Washington’s navy sparkle with squoval shape to Katie Holmes sea foam ombré sparkle tip. Jennifer Aniston kept it classic ( like most of us!) a vixen colour with classic squarish nails. Classy and beautiful.

The trends have run the gamut this year. For all of us fashionistas, here was the one that caught my eye: Many celebrities donned the Christian Louboutin manicure. YES ! Aren’t those shoes for the rich and famous? As women, most of us have either a purse or shoe obsession. A shoe lovers dream is to own a pair of Christian Louboutin heels with the signature red sole. Celebrities have been huge fans of the Louboutin shoes for years.

The Louboutin manicure mimics the look of the shoes.

Louboutin manicure

Adele matched her nails to her shoes this year at the Grammys. It was an absolute hit!
The only requirement for this manicure is extremely long nails. Nail tips (fake) are usually a requirement. The look is red underneath and black at the top. Getting this look will require you to do double the work (first painting the underneath and then on top). It is fitting for the iconic shoe designer to have created his own nail polish line with beautiful bottles.

When Christian designed one of his first pair of shoes in 1992 he looked at his finished prototype and felt something was missing.

He grabbed his assistant’s red nail polish out of her hands and painted the sole of the shoes.

That made history! That red is now his signature shade of scarlett, called Louboutin Red.
His line of nail polish has 31 shades (nudes, noirs and pop colours). The bottles are absolute works of art much like his shoes. They consist of a heavy, faceted ombré glass vessel much like an inkwell, topped with a towering black cap inspired by the pointed heels of the designer’s signature stiletto.
The price for one bottle is a cool 50$. This nail trend is beautiful but pricey. Have fun with it ladies!


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