How to choose the right kitchen … for you!

Recently I was asked, “What is the right color to choose for a kitchen?”


Well I have to say, I was pretty taken aback by this question as there is no right answer or wrong answer.  Everyone has a different sense of style, and therefore would like a different type of kitchen.  There are thousands of variations to kitchen designs, the trick is finding out the correct one for you…

155Shaw_ResidentialDesign (8)

Cream Cabinets with Beige Granite and Darker Island


The first thing that I always tell clients to do when they are about to do a kitchen is to go onto Houzz (a website that is a collection of images of designed spaces by different designers from around the world.)  The best thing to do is to go through different images of kitchens and see which ones you are drawn to. Everyone tells me that they get hooked and end up spending hours searching through all of the images…so make sure to do this when you have some time to spare!



Modern Kitchen with Grey and White Theme


The first thing to decide is if you are drawn to darker cabinets or lighter cabinets.

Once you decide that, you can decide on the style of cabinetry: modern, traditional, or transitional.  You can then start looking at back splashes, granites, and floor tiles.


I know that this can all seem a bit overwhelming, and honestly it can be, but that is why you should always use an Interior Designer or Kitchen Designer that you trust to help you through the process.


YHB Kitchen Small

Dark Cabinet Kitchen with Antico Bianco Granite and “oreo” style granite on the Island


Designing or re-designing a kitchen  tends to be a long drawn out process, but in the end it is always worth it, especially when you get to make your first gourmet meal!


Photos provided by: Interiors Designed by Naomi Weissmann

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