How to CORRECTLY place your living room furniture

Okay, so I thought that today’s blog could be an educational one… so get ready to learn!

Today I am going to go over the proper ways of laying out a living room.



Make sure to place your rug down first!

The first element that is needed is a rug!  This seems to be what people get last, but until it is in the space they always feel that their living room is lacking, and just doesn’t feel complete.


So why is the rug so important?


Well, having a rug in your living room is what delineates your “living area” from the rest of the room.  Once you have the rug down, you essentially have an outline for what your space will be.


Make sure that all main pieces are touching the rugs


The next step is to make sure that all of the main pieces (sofas, chairs, etc..) are touching the rug ( by touching, I mean that it only has to be the front legs).


The layout of your furniture will always be dependent on the shape of your room. However, I like to have furniture pieces directly across from each other in order to facilitate conversation.


coffee table

Make sure to leave enough walking room between the coffee table and sofas



Once the main pieces are down, you can place your coffee table in the middle.  Make sure that there is a clearance of at least 18″ between the table and any other furniture pieces.


Accessories and lamps

side tables and lamps help to fill the space





Now feel free to place your side tables, lamps, and any other accessories you may have.


The final step is to put up your artwork and/or mirrors. Until artwork is placed, a room will feel cold and unfinished so this is a very important part of the process.


Living Room

The finished product!

Now that your room is complete, sit back, relax, and enjoy!


3D Models created by: Interiors Designed by Naomi Weissmann

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