Balancing Grandma time and me time

Hi again!

So I’ve been doing a lot of jet setting lately.

Sicily in October for 2 weeks (just me and Gramps), then Florida after that, which brought me to the realization that I better get home fast for a little “bonding” with those kids of mine! The last thing I want is for them to discover that life goes on just fine even when Grams is gone! (true as that may be!!).

So I’ve been home for about 10 days now, during which time I’ve been doing this Wednesday morning play group with Miles, who is 18 months old. This week I was signed up to be the class mom, the one in charge of doing a program with the children! I read stories from a giant book and then we all played with this parachute that goes “up in the air ” and comes “down to the ground” again! They all loved it and so did I.

On the other hand, the going home part wasn’t quite as much fun!

Little Miles was bundled up in his winter puffy jacket, mitts, boots and hat that Grams wrapped him all up with. He was having trouble walking in his new winter apparel so I carried him back to the car – which I must say isn’t as easy as when he’s naked! I was in a bit of a sweat by that time…however he now calls me “ma-ma” AND actually gets upset when I have to leave…isn’t that worth everything??

Grams and her big girl

Grams and her big girl

Next, those big grandkids of mine.

I’ve done as many carpools as I’m needed for to catch a glimpse of these non-stop young adults! I’ve made their favorite foods…zucchini soup,and spaghetti sauce. And the other night, Aidan and I spent at least 4 hours preparing a million potato latkes which were being devoured as fast as we were producing them…and I loved every minute of it . Sorry Aid…for the little burn on your arm!

During all this, I actually try my best to get some me time in by going to the gym – and of course mustn’t forget that job of mine at the dental center which definitely keeps me well grounded 27 years later!!

Besides, next week I’m back in Florida again, where I have some time to recuperate.

That is, until they all start their winter pilgrimage to me and Gramps, and we start our good times all over again.

Some may say I’m crazy.  I say I am!  Crazy in love with those kids of mine!


Elly Shulkin has been working at Fairview Dental Centre for over 27 years, has been a wife for 44, a mom for 42, a mother-in-law for 15, and a grandma for 13!! Time flies when you’re having fun!!

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