How to design your child’s room …

I recently asked around to see what people needed help with within the design world, and one of the main questions I received was … “How do I design a room for my kids?!?!?”

Understandably this can be pretty difficult, regardless of the child’s age. No matter what you choose, or what you do, they always want it to be something different.

So what is the best way to circumvent this inevitability?   GET THEM INVOLVED!!!!

When I design any room for any child I always involve them in the process.  First off, ask them what colors they want.  Once they tell you the colors, you can pick some versions of that color in the tone that you want, and then have them pick their colors from those samples.



For Olivia’s room, we went with purple and turquoise to match the drapery that she already had.

For example, I recently helped my two nieces (4 and 6) with their new rooms.  One wanted purple and pink, and the other wanted blue and purple.  This could have been a complete disaster, but we managed to make the experience extremely fun with great rooms as the end result!

Once I knew the paint colors that they wanted I was able to find a few in the right tones that wouldn’t look  too “crazy”.  I then showed them three of each color  to choose from.  Because THEY were the ones that chose the paint colors, they absolutely LOVED them!


Emily’s reading corner

This can be applied to any child, at any age, with any color scheme.  Let’s say your child wants to be adventurous and says that  they want black paint.  Your initial reaction might be to say no outright.  But if that’s the way your child wants to go, then go with it!  Instead of painting the whole room black, just pick one wall (probably the one behind the bed), and then go with a soft grey throughout the rest of the room.  Your child will love it because it was their idea, and they will always feel that it is THEIR ROOM.


We matched Emily’s pink to her drapes, and picked a soft purple that would compliment it.

Once paint colors are chosen, let them help with other items as well.  They can go to the store with you to pick out their bedding, rug, side tables, etc…  or even show you pictures of rooms that they love so that you know which direction to take.  As long as they feel that they made the choices, they will be happy.  And in the end, if they are happy, then YOU will be happy!

If anyone has any design questions please feel free to send them along and they might be featured in one of my blogs!


Photos provided by: Interiors Designed by Naomi Weissmann

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