Design Indecisive?

Throughout the years I have learned that many people are what I like to call “design indecisive”.


So what exactly is a design indecisive person, and are you one?


Firstly, being design indecisive is not a bad thing, and I will be the first to admit that when it comes to my own home I am as indecisive as they come!  Pretty much being design indecisive means that you like EVERYTHING!  You find it hard to decide on a single accent color, or style of throw pillow.  As the seasons change and the new colors arrive in the stores, you find yourself falling in love all over again, making yourself question all of the pieces you currently have residing in your home.


The walls and chair are neutral in color, but the accessories make this corner pop!


Well do not fret, I am here to help!


If you are like me, and cannot decide on one specific color or style to always have in your home, then there are a couple of tricks to help you continuously love your space.




Anything that cannot be changed easily, such as your sofa, or wall colors, should be done in neutrals ( grays, whites, beiges, etc.)  This way you will always have a clean palette to work with.


Once you decide on the accent color that you would like to use in your space, then you are able to bring it in with accessories, throw pillows, etc.  When you get tired of that color, just switch it out for new accessories!


harriet quimby living room

The accent colors in this room can change, from soft blue, to orange, to purple, with just a few items being switched out!

On average, you can  switch over a rooms’ pillows and accessories for a minimum expense.  If this is something that you do once every year or two, then it it isn’t a huge fortune ( however I wouldn’t suggest doing it every single season).  And once you switch out the accessories, your room will look completely new and you will be in love with it all over again!!!


Photos Provided by: Interiors Designed by Naomi Weissmann

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