DIY Paint chip art

I wanted to make something special for my husband for a Christmas gift but had no idea what to create.

I turned to my best friend, Pinterest, and began searching for ideas. A friend had created a frame for her husband with cutouts from maps that she printed out from where she got engaged, married and had their daughter. I loved the idea, but wanted to do something different as we got engaged, married and had our twins in the West Island and I don’t need a map of that area on my wall!

I have been wanting to do a project with paint chips for a long time and thought it would be great to incorporate the dates that we got engaged, married and had our twins.  I had a shadowbox that I purchased from Homesense months ago that was waiting to be DSCN5471used.  I wanted to lay it out those three events somewhat like a calendar. I took a sheet of paper, cut 2″x 2″ squares, laid them out in my frame and was able to fit 3 rows of 7 squares. The 3 rows were going to represent each week of the three events that I wanted to represent.

The back of my frame needed to be changed so I added a piece of foam core board with a layer of cork on top of that and wrapped it with burlap fabric. I then made my trip to Rona to pick up paint chips in my favorite tones of turquoise and teal and cut them into 2″x2″ squares. I push pinned them into the burlap in order from darkest to lightest tone, creating an ombre effect. With a black Sharpie,  I marked the days on each square in accordance to the week of each event. Then, to mark the day of our engagement, wedding and birth I used left over wooden hearts from another project that I painted, distressed and glued onto the appropriate day. I also added the month and year on the left side of each row.


This was an extremely easy and quick DIY using paint chips and I love how it turned out!

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