Double use spaces …

So we all have those rooms in our homes, condos, apartments, etc. that need to do double duty.  But the problem is,  how do we let the room serve one purpose but still serve another without one of them completely taking over ?!

The answer is BALANCE!

I recently had a client with one of these special spaces.  She had a small-ish room off of her kitchen that she liked to use as the playroom for her kids.  It was a great room since she could be close to the kids when she was in the kitchen cooking. The problem was that when the family was over everyone would want to be in that room with the kids, but there was only a storage bench to sit on.  Most of the adults would end up on the floor or the children’s chairs … not ideal.

So how do we make this room more functional?

This room needed to convert from just a playroom, into a playroom/ adult lounge.

We went to work!  We pulled up the green carpet that happened to be covering wood floors, which were still in good condition.  We wanted to still make the room feel “warm” so we placed a large area rug in the space.  Having the rug not only added color, but gave the kids a soft surface to play on.



The rug automatically warms up the room!


Pulling all of the carpet up …


The carpet is gone, and only the storage bench remains …

We then needed to tackle the issue of having toys ALL OVER the room.

We picked out some beautiful modern storage cabinets that almost filled her entire wall.  This gave the room the ability to look clean and ” adult-like”  while still being able to hold ALL of the toys.

Lastly, we had to cover the seating issue.



Final Product!!!!!

We got two fun loveseats to sit directly across from each other, this gave the room plenty of seating without taking up too much of the rooms space.  We added a few extra pieces, including a “coffee table” which was actually the height of a child’s drawing table, and a collage wall of family photos … and we were done!


My client now has a beautiful sitting area, that doubles as her children’s playroom!

Photos provided by: Interiors Designed by Naomi Weissmann

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