How to figure out the style or “feel” of your room

Everyone (including myself) is usually stumped when it comes to figuring out what the style of any given room in their home should be.  The issue is that we like too many different styles … rustic, eclectic, glam, transitional … the list goes on and on.

So how do you pick the one or two styles that would look best together and that you will end up absolutely loving?!


Always pick one item that you totally and completely love.  If you love that item, and use it to pull the rest of the room together, then you will love your room.

So how do you pick a design inspiration?

Well, it can literally be anything!  It can be an image of a park that you saw in a magazine, or a pillow that you fell in love with at the store.  It can even be as simple as that top that you love to wear because you love everything about it!
morrison pillow

This Fun Pillow was the inspiration for a beautiful space!

Once you have your design inspiration, the sky is the limit!  Use it to pick the colors, textures, and overall “feeling” of your room.  As an example, I used this pillow as inspiration for a condo.  The client was a single woman who loved purple, and fell in love with the pillow the instant I showed it to her.

I utilized every element of this pillow to inspire the design of the condo.  The different shades of purple were used throughout the space.  The textures were reflected in the carpet and sofa.  Even the metallic string was taken into account and reflected in the metallic and purple wallpaper.

morrison good

The end result of a pillow inspired room




The end result was a beautiful and cohesive space! All it took was one pillow to inspire the rest of the space … what will your inspiration be?


Photos Provided by: Interiors Designed by Naomi Weissmann

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