Staying healthy through the holidays!

Don’t forget to take time for yourself during the holiday rush…

YOU are #1!


Oh yes…If you haven’t already started to run around more than you normally do, consider yourself lucky! The season of festivities is close and we are bound to start our days a few steps faster than our usual of hitting the ground running (if that’s even possible)!



The holiday season affects us all in different ways, but one thing is for sure; we tend to overdo everything that affects our health. It’s a balancing act that is really not easy to contend with. But, if we stick to the basics and have some discipline, we can make it through rather unscathed despite an insanely busy schedule during this holiday period.

The basics of healthy survival are as follows: (Yes, I know that I am not telling you anything you don’t already know, but it can’t hurt to reinforce this because in the end, you are #1 and if you are unwell, well…You know how it goes!)


Knowing the minimum amount of sleep you need to function asleept your best is key. As for me, I know I need a minimum of 7 hours…Get it done! Recharge! Whatever your magic number is, it is essential.


This is a tough one with so many choices and seemingly unlimited quantities of many very yummy and unhealthy tasty treats and rich substances! We must have some restraint and show control! Stop and think…Am I really hungry at this moment? Go for the colorful crunchy alternatives first like the veggie platter and whole grain foods.alcohol


Again…this time of the year it is at our fingertips so very often, we must try to impose some limits. Limit yourself to 1-2 glasses of wine, or 1 cocktail with liquor.


This is a big one! We are always here, there and everywhere! Be it family obligations, shopping, organizing, traveling, visiting, receiving…where are you in all of this? Take stock and find ways to decompress, time just for you. Breathe deeply and often. Laugh. Take a nap!


We mostly lack in this department because we “have no time”! Make the time… every day. It can be a brisk walk outside, wall sits, push ups, jumping jacks! Anything is something!

Waterwater bottle

Eliminate waste from our beautiful bodies! Don’t forget to hydrate and always have water on hand, especially during your shopping excursions! When at a party, alternate between alcoholic beverages and water. Try and drink 8 glasses of water every day, your body will thank you!


Try to evaluate all of the above and keep in check to ensure a healthy season that can very easily get the better of any of us…

Balance is the key.

The best defense against fighting illness is building a strong immune system.  If you can manage to do so, it can make all the difference in your quality of life especially during this time of year. Who wants to be sick over the holidays anyway???

Our health is the richest asset we have. I know it is not an easy task, but this time of year tends to run us ragged. This is a friendly reminder to have a look where you can improve and help yourself. We don’t always realize that a simple good night’s sleep, healthy intake, more moderate alcohol consumption, decrease stressors, increase of water intake and exercising can be tools to stay healthy.

It is that simple! Sort of…

Happy Holidays everyone, good luck and be strong! You can do it! I believe in you!

D. Tanguay, RN

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