Go see this: Obvious Child

0dYOo72BkMo7YpLXv3BPgjETPKKRFHTvS4B56e2ejLYLast night, I had the exciting opportunity to attend the promo screening of a new film I think you should all see. And good news, it was released today! Obvious Child is the story of Donna (SNL’s Jenny Slate) who finds herself pregnant after a one-night stand with Max (Jake Lacy) and the difficult decision she has to make about her future. Obvious Child manages to be quirky, endearing and hilarious, while bravely addressing a serious women’s issue rarely tackled on the big screen. This is sure to be a star-making role for Jenny Slate. Obvious Child made me laugh, cry, cringe, and want to reach out and hug Max and invite Jenny to be my BFF.

For more information, check out the trailer here and this awesome review from today’s Montreal Gazette.



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