Grandma’s back!

Hi Everyone!

I’m finally home from Florida and right back in the swing of things.

Spot the Grandma

Spot the Grandma

I was lucky enough to have visits from all those grandkids of mine – two weeks with the older ones and a whole month with my yummy 2 year old Miles and mom Deanna!

Nothing like all living under one roof to really have quality time together!

Would you believe I even did a spinning class with my super fit daughter in-law Liz, AND my granddaughter Sydney!! How cool is that?! All 3 generations!

We relaxed, we swam, cooked, we sunned, snuggled, laughed and just bonded. It was terrific. Miles loved his “Papa” who spent lots of time with him up on his shoulders!

When they left I tried to FaceTime as much as possible though these kids are so busy with activities, I must admit I did feel a bit out of the loop. Life which had been hectic, crazy, noisy was now suddenly very peaceful and always clean!

I must admit finding a way to balance and enjoy both takes some practice.

I am learning to enjoy both! The latter has given me time to have a conversation with my hubby, connect with each other and socialize with our friends! Not so bad…especially knowing that in three weeks I’d be home and right back in the swing of things.

photo (3)

Going outside to play!

But that’s behind me! I’ve been home for 3 days now. I’ve baked cookies with Aidan, made meatballs with Skylar, and had them and their friends one night (6 in total) for dinner while mom and dad went out! Miles came this morning and we played in the kitchen sink with water and plastic containers ! Last night Gramps, Skylar and I went to the mall for supper.

Now how’s that for hands on Grandma? I don’t think I ever skipped a beat and I must say I’m pleasantly pooped.

I will take a break tomorrow ….maybe!

I’ll keep you posted! xoxo

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