Hairdressing taken to another level with men’s barbering

I’m Amanda and I am a stylist here at Colortown. My career has recently taken an exciting and unexpected turn back to the classic old school culture of barbering.

Working in the busy west island of Montreal for 4 years I have built a large male clientele. Increasing my offered services and bettering my knowledge and skills is always my goal in the salon and when the opportunity of adding the luxury of a hot towel shave to my offered services, I jumped on board! Learning and incorporating the use of a straight blade has opened my mind to the vast creative possibilities for work in men’s hair. It has added a more refined and upscale look to all of my haircuts, and has inspired me to treat all of my men’s haircuts as an art rather than just a service.

With beards and different styles of facial hair being in fashion this year, the professional barber shave really is for everybody. Wether you are a suit-and-tie, clean-shave kind of guy, or wear a beard and maintain it yourself at home with electric trimmers and disposable razors, a hot shave is both practical and luxurious, not to mention intensely relaxing.image

For six weeks, twice a week I took a course here in Montreal where they have taught me how to:

  • finish my haircuts with a straight blade instead of a machine, which makes for a much cleaner neckline and hairline
  • do a full hot towel shave
  • perfect my fades and blends

I am very excited that ColorTown has sent me on this course and I am anxious to grow my career and awake my creative side for men’s cuts!

Hot towel and cappuccino anyone?

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