Why the holidays are not actually time off for high school students

The holidays are quickly approaching—count them—2 weeks until winter vacation! Woohoo! BUT that doesn’t mean that studying can completely stop for most high school students since they have exams to face upon their return in January. They are expected to clear their brains for two weeks and relax, and then come back and remember everything they’ve learned since September. These circumstances are not ideal to set up, even the most organized students, for success.


Here is my #1 recommendation for a smooth transition from December’s two-week break to January’s exams period: PLAN AHEAD!



-Print two monthly calendars (one for December and one for January). Look ahead in your child’s agenda to identify which week exams will take place and mark it off on the calendar.

-Work with your child to figure out which materials will be on the exams and break them into small parts. Quick note: even if the teachers have not specifically assigned the content to study for the exams yet, we can safely assume that it will be necessary to know everything that has been covered thus far.

-Create a study plan for each subject using the monthly calendars (if you are not sure how, please refer to one of my previous detailed posts about how to use a study calendar).


article-2689466-1F95374F00000578-925_634x423-Although your teen may roll their eyes REPEATEDLY, negotiate for them to do some studying during the holidays. Please keep in mind that I am not recommending that your child studies on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day, or if you are away in the Dominican Republic for a week; what I am recommending is that your child plan to study in time slots strategically placed around any special events and/or activities that are planned.



Good luck and happy holidays!



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