Hyba: Our Answer to Activewear

We are so fortunate to have Hyba as the main sponsor of our upcoming event on Friday, April 7th, 2017: Off the Fence and Wise.

As you know, we both love to be active and we always feel fabulous dressed in our Hyba activewear!

Hyba encompasses everything we stand for: empowering and inspiring women to be their best self.

What Hyba is all about:

Founded in 2015, in Montréal, Hyba is your expert in training, running and yoga. This dynamic new sports and wellbeing brand breathes authenticity, accessibility and a careful understanding of client needs.


Exercise plays an essential role in a woman’s life, regardless of her age, shape or size. While it may be difficult for her to squeeze a workout session into her busy schedule, Hyba is always there to meet her needs and cater to her fitness level, whether it’s considered beginner, intermediate or advanced.


By offering a wide variety of activewear and accessories, ranging from XXS to 3X, designed for all runners, gym enthusiasts and yoga lovers.

But what truly gets Hyba’s heart pumping goes beyond fitness. The brand thrives on what women feel both during and after a good workout—the adrenaline rush and the sense of accomplishment, freedom and joy that one gets after having given their all.

Whether it’s after a 5K run, or during a cardio or Hatha yoga session,

Hyba wants women to feel accomplished and motivated to reach their fitness goals. That’s what Hyba is all about—helping women find their happy place.

It`s not too late! To buy tickets or for more information visit our event page. We would love to see you there! To receive 20% Off  the purchase of 2-3 tickets: Enter Promo Code: BUDDYPASS.

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