I Am So Not A Hockey Mom

When I was pregnant with my first child I was terrified. Once I got over the shock and the excitement began to settle in, I knew I wanted to find out the sex of my new baby. As much as I had hopes and dreams of tutus and ribbons (as many women do), I knew inside that I was going to be blessed with a boy. After all signs pointed to a healthy baby, this was of course confirmed. Okay, I thought, so it won’t be pretty in pink. Maybe next time.

Two and half joyful years later, we were fortunate enough to have yet another healthy baby. More Blue. Okay, I thought, me and the boys. I can handle this.

People would say to me constantly; “I can’t believe you don’t have a girl, you are SO girly!” or “It’s too bad you don’t have a girl that you can bring to your store and play dress up with” – you get the point.

But here we are, seven and almost five years later and it’s hockey season, again. And hockey is getting “real”.

Last year it was still young hockey and there was time for other activities. My older son took up Breakdancing. Yes! I finally get to go to a dance recital. The show all my girlfriends who have daughters talk about. My son went every Sunday to dance class. Learned some cool moves. Listened to some cool tunes – the show was amazing and I showered him with cheers and presents and all that fun stuff. Maybe I could sway him away from the ice and into this wonderful world of the Arts where he can explore his true interest in music and performing (legit wants to become a pop star). Registration for this year came and went and my hopes fizzled. He did however, take up guitar but that does not AT ALL interfere with hockey.

I know I am a small dot in the sea of awesome hockey moms out there. I know some girls with three and four boys who are on a strict diet of arena.

To be honest we are more of a hockey dad family. With two boys though, push is now coming to shove and there are two schedules to keep up with so I have no choice but to step in and be more than a cheerleader. I have to push up my sleeves and sweat it out with the rest of them.
Do you remember your first birth experience? (Who could forget?) I always said, why didn’t anyone actually prepare me for what was really going to happen? I feel the same with this.
My older son is a big kid and he’s less than thrilled when I’m on duty. What a hot mess I was the first time. I’m getting better now as I take him to his mid-week clinics or practice, but one thing’s for sure. The sweating never stops. (Oh and the Arena Coffee? Don’t get me started).

Oh Canada! Winter fun for families!

Oh Canada! Winter fun for families!

I don’t mean to say that this is only reserved for moms of boys. There are plenty of girls out there on the ice with my boys. Those moms are hockey moms. Did they have hopes of dance recitals and tutus? Perhaps. I don’t mean to sound like just because I have boy, I’m a hockey mom as a result. I have friends whose boys don’t play hockey at all. I could be a ski mom…I’m pretty sure this sport also involves massive amounts of sweating. I skied in my day. Carrying my equipment from the ski school bus to the chair lift. Dripping. I could imagine getting my kid ready for this sport would be equally unenjoyable. And no, I don’t want to get back on the slopes so that won’t work either.

Last season when they were both really getting into skating and hockey I looked at my husband and said I think it’s time. So I bought a pair of skates. How could I let him take them to free skate alone? Shouldn’t this be a family activity, I mean this is Canada! Once. I used them once. With the pretty pink skate guards I got to go with them. I promised to dust them off this year. Apparently this is the year we will start playing hockey together on an outdoor rink. Oh Joy. Why can’t we live in a place where I can take my kid to surfing lessons? I’m one hundred percent sure he would love it. HE would, I swear.

Surf lessons. Summer fun in the USA!

Surf lessons. Summer fun in the USA!

I met a mom last week. Her son is older than mine and she’s been a hockey mom for a while. She told me she spent so much time at the arena that she decided to take up the sport herself. Blew me away. She still plays and loves it.

Moms are amazing, seriously.

So no, I don’t love being a Hockey Mom, but I love being a mom and I love my kids so on any given day you will find me with the other awesome moms in the dressing room, possibly in a tank top, tying up those skates and five minutes later, hat and parka, cheering them on. With a Starbucks. No doubt.

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