Two of us

Just the two of us

My husband and I were very lucky this summer. We had the privilege of traveling to California for 9 days while our three children were at sleep away camp in the Laurentian’s.

So…. it was just the two of us now! The kids were off, the house was strangely quiet and my mind was racing. While I was pretty psyched about the cleanliness of my child-free house, being alone with my husband felt almost awkward. What was I going to do without the pre-occupation of my children’s every move? I missed them. A lot.

HollywoodFortunately, this feeling dissipated quickly and vacation Lisa came out to play. Our alone time was filled with uninterrupted chats, laughter, leisurely strolls, poolside drinks, fine dinning, nine hour night sleeps and NO schedule! We soon realized that we hadn’t bonded like this since 2001, before our eldest daughter was born. We rediscovered each other and it felt amazing.

Two of us 1It’s so easy to lose your relationship in the hectic grind of motherhood. We make our children a priority in our daily lives and their schedules are all-consuming: carpools, volunteering on class trips, homework and dinners (every night!). In the sheer craziness of it all, we often take quality time with our spouses for granted.

Two of usWhether it’s a date night, an evening conversation once the kids are asleep, or a trip, connecting with your partner is imperative to having a healthy relationship. Quality time not only reinforces open communication, mutual respect and trust, but it promotes healthy parenting as well.

On July 28th we picked up our three munchkins from summer camp. Running to greet them and seeing their smiling faces was the highlight of my summer. But the nine days alone with my husband and enjoying each other without distraction was priceless!

Three kids

  • Elly shulkin
    Posted at 12:22h, 03 September Reply

    Well put beautiful family!xo

  • Sandra Rapkin
    Posted at 09:03h, 13 September Reply

    Beautiful Makes me smile xo

    • Wise Women Montreal
      Posted at 09:26h, 14 September Reply

      Thanks Sandy!

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