Keep Calm and Keep Waiting…..

There are so many quotes about patience and waiting…..


good-things-comes-to-those-who-wait“Good Things Come To Those Who Wait” happens to be a favorite of mine.  Perhaps this  is because I spend so very much of my time waiting for people and things.  I like to believe that I am a very patient person.

My children may choose to argue that I am not always patient, but that is the result of a being a mom, a single mom, who asks her kids to do things repeatedly until the initial patience gets lost.

For the most part, I have a great deal of patience.  Sure, I get impatient waiting in long lines at the grocery store or sitting in traffic when the radio is playing lousy music, but  that’s normal, right?

Most days I can be found waiting somewhere for someone.  I have accepted this role of Lady in Waiting with as much grace and openness as possible.  I have learned to always have my Kindle on hand so that I always have a great book to read to help pass the time.  I have learned to daydream about Tuscan vacations or African safaris while sitting in traffic or sitting on a bench on Tuesday nights during my daughters’ gymnastics training.   I have also learned to engage in conversations with other members of the “waiting community” in order to help pass the time more quickly.  My daughters often tease me about all of the new friendships that I have developed while I sit and wait for them to finish school, gymnastics or other extra-curricular activities.

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Boy how I loathe waiting, but that old favorite quote of mine about the good things that come from waiting rings in my ears whenever I start to lose my patience.  That’s when I reflect upon what those good things are.  If there were a grand prize for the woman who waited the longest I would certainly be in the top 10 of possible winners.  But, sadly for me, there is no such tangible prize.

There are however many beautiful things that can be connected to waiting.

Some include: the opportunity to stop during a busy day and just sit, the feeling of excitement when you see your child after a long day and they are filled with stories and anecdotes about their time at school, the ability to sometimes peek into a gym class or music course and see or hear how your child is progressing, the ability to catch up on a great book or knitting project… I grasping at straws in order to convince myself that waiting is not so terrible?  Maybe I am.

But those who know me well will attest to the fact that I always try to find the silver linings and positive aspects of almost everything that happens to me.

So, once again I find myself filled with the feeling of gratitude about how lucky I am that I get to wait and be part of things rather than miss out on little moments that come from being actively present in day to day life.  For what it’s worth, that is how I get myself through the long and often boring periods of waiting in my life.  My mother told me years ago that I should take up needlepoint in order to fill my waiting with something creative and enjoyable.  Perhaps this is one of those times that I should listen to my mom!

Keep calm, and keep waiting…..









  • Didi
    Posted at 08:48h, 07 May Reply

    Maybe you should take up needlepoint! All those lovely pillows and doorstops in our home represent the Lady in Waiting period of life. You are a wonderful Mom, and patience is one of your many virtues. Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Susan
      Posted at 16:50h, 07 May Reply

      Thanks for all your support Didi! It means a lot to me! xox

  • Alan
    Posted at 19:43h, 07 May Reply

    As always, Susan gets to the point in her blogs. She is articulate and very meaningful and I love her. I guess as her father I can be partial.
    Keep writing.

    • Susan
      Posted at 19:51h, 07 May Reply

      Thanks Dad! Xox

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