Let’s Talk Brushes

It can be intimidating to walk into a beauty store to pick out brushes. With so many options you may be feeling a little lost. Maybe you’re someone who has a ton of makeup brushes sitting in a drawer somewhere with no clue how to use them. Or maybe you apply all of you makeup with your fingers? If so keep reading!

BRUSH BREAKDOWN : All of these can be used together to create a full makeup look


1. Flat brush – They come in different sizes from small to big. The best way to choose the size? The smaller the brush the more concentrated the color can be. And great for a smaller eyelid. Using a bigger brush can be good if you want to quickly apply one color all over the eyelid.

2. Blending brush – you can NEVER have too many of these. They are the most important brush (in my opinion) since they can be used for so many things. The moment you are adding more than one color to your eyelid you want to be using this brush. It’s perfect to blend multiple colors on the eyes. To soften any edges and I even use it to blend my concealer!

3. Angle brush – winged eyeliner made easy when you have this brush! Because of the angle, this brush will make your life a lot easier when applying any eyeliner on top or bottom of your eyes. Use this brush when filling your eyebrows too. The perfect angle every time.

4. Pencil brush– This brush is similar to the Blending brush only a lot more concentrated and firm. This is my favorite to really smoke out eyeliner. Also a great brush if you want the dark color in the crease of your lid to be more defined.


1. Stippling brush – This brush typically has 2 different types of hair mixed in one brush, synthetic fibres and real. This is my go-to brush when applying any liquid foundation or a light powder. Because of the bristles it gives you an airbrush, more natural look.

2. Powder brush – The name says it all. This brush is great for applying any sort of powder, loose or pressed and even bronzers

3. Blush brush – This brush is smaller than the powder brush since you want to make sure you are applying blush on your cheeks, not your whole face. This brush sometimes comes angled, which is great for contouring as well.

While makeup brushes can be quite pricey, they are definitely worth the investment and if well taken care of they can last you 10-15 years! My 9 year old brushes are still going strong.


Don’t forget to protect your investment!

Bacteria = breakouts; always remember to clean your brushes!

For a quick clean opt for a Brush cleanser. This is great to disinfect and clean off the surface of your brushes. Then every 1-3 weeks I’ll use shampoo and warm water to “deep clean”.

This is a crucial step if you want to make your brushes last. Liquids left on your brushes are bacteria heaven! You want to make sure you clean those brushes once a week. Any brushes used for power can get away with 2-3 weeks. Personally I like to wash mine once a week (or more especially after clients)
Always lay your brushes flat to dry. This will help keep the original shape and prevent them from fanning out.

Quick Tip: If you have brushes that are stained with foundation the best trick is Olive Oil! Use a
tiny bit on the end of your brush then wash with shampoo. They will look like brand

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