The infamous chopped off sweatpants-turned-shorts PJs

Life at 26 and single is hard

Contributing factors include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  •  Online dating
  •  Friends with significant others
  •  Changing Facebook statuses

I will confess that watching Facebook relationship statuses change almost on a weekly basis is… enervating. Watching countless “friends” (’cause let’s be honest, no one is FRIENDS with all their Facebook “friends”) change their relationship statuses from “in a relationship” to “engaged” makes me wonder, hmmm…. what is it about me?

The infamous chopped off sweatpants-turned-shorts PJs

  1. Do I have too many stuffed animals chilling on my bed? The answer to that is obviously no!
  2. Is it my hair?
  3. Is it my size? Always something I grapple with, but that’s another story for another time.

But back to those Facebook “friends”… In most cases I am tremendously happy for my “friends” and especially my REAL friends. Yet, when Saturday night rolls around and I am in my chopped off sweatpants-turned-shorts pajamas and Backstreet Boys t-shirt (YES, I said Backstreet Boys. Could they be one of the things on the list of questions as to to why I have not found the right guy? Because maybe somewhere deep down… alright not that deep down, I do believe that Brian Littrell is my soul mate), I imagine what I might be doing if I were on a date.

Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys

Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys

Now, let’s not forget what I was saying; Saturday Night Singledom can be fun… in February, when it’s freezing. But, in July, when you see everyone walking hand in hand with his or her significant other, BAH-HUMBUG is what I have to say to that. Alright, not really, I’m not Scrooge but at times I am slightly jealous.

Ahhh yes, what does one do when jealousy rears its ugly head? Well, you look it dead in the eye, metaphorically speaking that is, and tell it to come back later when you are not walking through downtown Montreal with your fellow single girlfriends who are only interested in finding a place to eat. Oh and let’s not forget, some of the single girlfriends are also on the hunt for other things, and I’m not talking about a place to pee, although locationally speaking, they might find what they are looking for in that bathroom and kill two birds with one stone, if you know what I mean.

JealousySo, there you have it, my brief take on my Saturday Night Singledom.  I will leave with two perks at the moment.

  1. There is no one snoring next to me.
  2. I can sleep in any which way I want using as much of the covers as I want and not feel an ounce of guilt.

Come to think of it, maybe being single does have its advantages.

Stay tuned for my next blog where I tackle the dreaded “we” and my qualms with “online dating” or what I call the contributing factors to being single at 26 hard.

Until next time, keep fit and have fun.

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  • Mario
    Posted at 20:23h, 26 May Reply

    As a single guy, I didn’t know that life from the other side of the fence was so similar. I always thought that (especially when walking in St-Catherine!) that girls had plenty of nice and handsome guys to pick and choose. Interesting and enlightening!

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