A little about me – and my top 3 makeup products!

First and foremost – I want to say how honored I feel to be writing for Wise Women Montreal!!! I think it’s such an amazing resource and I feel so lucky to be on that list of contributors. Now, for you up to date followers – I recently wrote a little piece all about why art was good for children. It was received really well and the lovely ladies at Wise Women asked me to contribute on a more regular basis! Yippee!!! I could go on and on about art and all that (and I probably will post a couple things here and there about it) – or I could talk about another huge passion in my life – MAKEUP!


Growing up in an art studio

I wanted my first official blog post to be a little introduction, so you guys get to know me….

My name is Jennifer and I love all things artsy.

I grew up in an art studio surrounded by paint and creativity. My mom, Janet Harris, has run and operated the West Island Creative Arts Center for as long as I’ve been born. I, of course, followed in her footsteps and decided when I was really young I wanted to become an Art Teacher. I studied Art Education at Concordia and graduated with honors in 2006. After I graduated I taught art downtown at the Sacred Heart School of Montreal while also teaching at the Creative Arts Center with my mom.



My little munchkin and I

I traveled around a bit. I lived in Grenada, Brooklyn, and Cleveland!! In that time, I got married, and had my gorgeous little gem of a girl. I can’t believe she’s about to turn 5! Where does the time go?! I also got “uncoupled.” Yes, I went through a divorce. It was during those early months that I decided I wanted to do something for me. Just for ME!

I’ve always loved doing makeup – whenever we had a party or a wedding, I was always that friend that did everyone’s makeup for them, and I did so happily (but without really knowing what the heck I was doing!) So, when I was going through my divorce I decided I was going to learn all I could about makeup. So I took a really amazing private course at Salon Deauville with the incredibly talented Eva. There, I learnt way more than I ever thought I would – I learnt makeup for brides, young women, older women, darker skin, lighter skin, makeup for men, makeup for photography, makeup for tv, and the list goes on and on and on! Who knew makeup was more than just a couple dabs of eye shadow and mascara!!

It was such an informative course and at the end of it all – I got my diploma! I was now a certified makeup artist.

Me and my diploma!

In the two years since that time I’ve had the absolute honour of doing makeup for some beautiful brides, bridesmaids, guests and more. I’ve taught some makeup classes, prettied up some guests for a sweet sixteen, saucied up some bachelorettes, and got some lovely ladies ready for some Christmas Parties. I’ve also done makeup for a couple photo-shoots and more. I’ve been fortunate to meet so many great people while doing what I love.

For Wise Women, I hope to write little blogs here and there – anywhere from “Sephora Hauls” to how to achieve that perfect smokey eye.

I would also really love to hear from you! What would you like to read about? What makeup related questions or topics would YOU really like to see?

Let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook page! I can’t wait to hear all your ideas!

Now – on to my quick little list of my TOP 3 beauty products!

My top 3 beauty/makeup related products right now – the ones I always suggest and couldn’t live without

I couldn’t do my job without this gorgeous little incredible sponge… bblenderI’m talking about you Beauty Blender!!! You can purchase this tiny hot-pink miracle at Sephora! You run them under water and wring em out- after that you use them to dab on your foundation. You’ll get coverage like a pro!


loracpro My Lorac Pro Palette – if you’re in the market for an eyeshadow palette – you’ve got to purchase this one! I love all the colours and use them at least 5 times a week. There’s a great variety of both matte and shimmery and the pigments are very strong so you get a lot of bang for your buck!


Lastly – my personal favorite mascara – Covergirl’s Lashblast Volume Mascara. There are, it seems, a bazillion different mascaras out there so it’s impossible for me to try them all lashblast– but believe me, I’ve tried. I love mascara! I’ve got an ENTIRE drawer full of mascaras that I’ve bought and time and time again I go back to my Lashblast – it’ll give you great lashes without putting a dent in your wallet.


Whew – that was a long post! (the next one will be much shorter, promise!!)
Thank you for taking the time to read it and we’ll see you soon!


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