Be Who You Are, Love Who You Are and Create Your Own Dream

I may have written on this very same subject a few months ago, but I cannot write about this it enough. It really is something that I am passionate about and if I can achieve to help one woman or girl to truly love herself, as she is, then I have done my job.

unnamedThis picture is a perfect example of what I am talking about. I love her makeup which is beautiful, but look at her face. Is it realistic to not have a line or any demarcations whatsoever? So when we apply our makeup we often have this expectation as in the picture of being perfect! It will never happen!

Picture perfect..that seems to be the aspiration of most women today, regardless of their age. From the teenager who aspires to be sexy enough, to the rest of us aspiring to be young enough. It is a preoccupation.

I will never forget my first experience digitally retouching fashion photos. At first, I was at that…you can erase all imperfections…how wonderful. Well, that was many years ago, and it didn’t take me long to realize that we are all aspiring to look like computer images. That is, however, a totally unobtainable goal, yet one which generations of women, young and old, have tried to achieve in the pursuit of being “perfect”.

I have been consulting and teaching women how to wear their makeup for thirty two years. It is truly amazing how makeup can make a woman of any age feel wonderful.

It is advisable for teenagers to have personal makeup lessons. Sometimes, by following the magazines or model images, they tend to overdo it, especially the popular black eye liner. I can see some mothers reading this right now and nodding their heads. A simple black eyeliner, overdone, can affect the destiny of a child by attracting the wrong crowd. I know this may sound a little far-fetched, but believe me, I have seen it happen. Each one has her own image that she wants to portray.tumblr_lisok6On6t1qh5exro1_400


A one-on-one makeup session with a makeup artist, whether it be in a beauty salon, spa or department store, will teach the proper way to apply and choose colors. It is very beneficial. Women often go to a makeup artist for a special event without thinking that this artist can show you how to look your absolute best for everyday.

The most common thing I hear, day after day, and year after year is “I have a drawer full of makeup that I never wear”.

Every season cosmetic companies will come out with their newest colors. Women will buy them because they are new and salespeople are there to sell them. Many times, of course, those colors just don’t suit you. You’ll wear them once or twice, and then they go to “the drawer”. Or you will see a color on a friend, run to buy it, put it on and it’s not what you expected to see. Into the drawer it goes. And what about the money spent, wasted.

When you buy the products that you need and that suit you best, your makeup should fit in one relatively small makeup bag. Application becomes effortless and gratifying.

When your makeup is done to suit you, to bring out your authentic self, without changing you, and it allows you to feel good…that is “picture perfect”….when you feel good, and your self esteem is high…that’s perfect.

Remember that images are modified to perfection by technology and digital imaging. It’s like chasing a dream. Sometimes a simple makeover enhancing your individual beauty can make a difference. Be who you are…love who you are..and create your own dream.

That’s perfection!


  • Gigi Amar
    Posted at 10:35h, 26 April Reply

    Sharon is the only makeup artist when you leave her chair you still feel that you are YOU !!
    and that you are not running home washing your face bcs you don’t reckogniize yourself , She is truly the best make up artist ever And the best of all you get out of her place with a tsunami of love !!!

  • joan boretsky
    Posted at 06:52h, 01 May Reply

    Hi Sharon. i have passed by your place many times. when are you there? your article is really super and Larry and I wish you much good luck in whatever you do. hope to see you soon

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