Your makeup pantry

You know how at the start of most cookbooks there’s a list of items you should have in your panty. They range from things like salt to paprika. The items you should have in order to make a range of dishes…. Yes!? Now, if I were to make a similar list of items one MUST have in their makeup arsenal, this would be it!

  1. revlon-colorstay-foundation-340-early-tan-combination-oily-revlon-foundation-1506371091-900x900A great foundation is key! It is, after all, what will cover the most of your face. You want it to be a good shade, a great finish for your skin type, and comfortable to wear. Consider this your salt and pepper, an absolute necessity. Some people prefer powder, some prefer liquid – I suggest if you have dry skin use liquid foundation. If you have oily skin, try a mineral powder foundation. My two favorite foundations are my Dior foundation (found at Sephora) or my Revlon ColorStay. These both have a great natural finish and cover really well. If you’re unsure about your shade of foundation always test it on your face, your jawbone area… I’ve seen so many women at Wal-Mart, Jean-Coutu, or other places trying dabs of foundation on their hands!! Your hands aren’t usually the same shade as your face!!! Put a tiny dab on your jawbone and lightly blend…if you blend too much any colour can look like the right one because you’ve essentially “blended” it all away… I usually dab it on and just smoosh it once or twice. If it’s hardly noticeable, you’ve got the right shade, my friend! Now, if this process doesn’t interest you they’ve actually got an amazing little machine at Sephora that’ll tell you exactly what shade you are in a range of their foundations found in the store. It’s pretty awesome.
  2. A great black liquid liner is like that little black dress that you have to have in your closet – oh wait, I’m switching metaphors! A really amazing liquid liner is like…. Dill? Paprika? Okay, so I’m not a very good cook… black liquid liner is a really great staple to have. I love my Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er – the application is smooth, the black is a nice deep black, and it’s shaped like a pen so it feels comfortable to hold. If you’re more comfortable with a brush, I’d highly recommend MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack. This sucker will stay put for a long time! (Great for those with watery eyes!
  3. Eyeliner in a variety of colors is like Italian spice, they just go great with everything. I suggest starting off with a nice black liner, brown, navy, gold, and one peach or white tone. I, personally, really like the Urban Decay 24/7 liners – they glide on the eye so nicely and the colors are always so bright and stay put for a long time. You can use the peach or white one in your lower lash line for days that you didn’t quite get those 8 hours of sleep…and really, I mean who does?
  4. 8b56a322db09a77344a8d87d88f39adaBlush is another must have!! I recommend getting a blush palette whenever possible! Some days you might want to throw on a little pink, the next a little coral!! In the summer you’ll want to sparkle up your face with a glow-ey bronze… Blush palettes can be found at Sephora, Wal-Mart even Pharamprix has a good selection.
  5. Eye shadow is another important thing to have in your makeup bag. (Did you notice I’ve completely abandoned my kitchen cabinet metaphor because beyond salt, pepper, sugar, spice and everything nice – I’m out of seasoning know how) Eye shadow will make a look extra polished – but isn’t something you have to wear every day. I love love love (I’m kind of obsessed, really) with my Lorac Pro Palette.
  6. The last absolute must have item for me is a great mascara. Now, for years I’ve adored my Lashblast by Covergirl and recently discovered an even better version of this awesome mascara – it’s Clump Crusher by Lashblast and it’s terrific! Head over to my Facebook page to see how much I really like this mascara!

Now, of course, I could go on and on about eyelash curlers, angled brushes, eye shadow primers and more but I really think the list above is a great place to start your makeup collection – or even a good checklist to see what you’re missing in your current collection!


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