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January already?!

Here in Montreal, the last 2 weeks of December are construction holiday and the whole industry shuts down. This year, for the first time, I took off for a much needed 2 week vacation. I promised my family that I wouldn’t do any work and I really stuck to that. Although I wasn’t “working” I was reading home magazines, looking at all my favourite decor social media sites, and thinking about decorating and design. I can’t help it! I love what I do and it actually helps me relax!

There were a few things that came to me as I was casually relaxing that I wanted to share. This is a very random mix of my random thoughts, so please don’t judge me that there’s no connection between them!

1. Herringbone vs Chevron:
As you know, herringbone and chevron are very popular these days. We see them being used in tile, wallpaper, fabric, even painting patterns on the walls and ceilings. But not everyone knows the difference between the 2. So, what is the difference?
Chevron: imagine the letter V upside-down and repeated over and over. That’s chevron! The ends, which are cut at an angle to create a continuous zigzag, are installed point to point.
herringbone: Imagine the letter L upside-down and pushed over on an angle! The ends overlap so the final result is like a broken down zigzag.

Herringbone; the letter L upside-down and pushed over on an angle vs Chevron; an upside down V repeated over and over

2. The details make the design:
You can have the most beautiful home with gorgeous furniture but if it’s not accessorized properly it won’t look finished. A very common mistake is over-stuffing bookshelves and console tables. I love picture frames & I think they’re important to have around the house. But if a small table has 15 frames on it, you’re not showcasing your family, you’re just creating clutter. You should be able to glance at the shelf and see each picture individually. This way your eye knows exactly where it should be looking vs being overloaded and not knowing where to focus.

Books are an important part of shelf decorating. They aad texture, height and allow frames to shine

Books are an important part of shelf decorating. They aad texture, height and allow frames to shine

Cabinetry hardware is often overlooked or passed off as unimportant. This is not true! It’s like the jewelry of your outfit! Pay attention to what you’re using and don’t be afraid to deviate from the standard chrome bar or knob. You can buy a pre-made vanity or piece of furniture and change the hardware to make it special. You think that nobody notices, but when it’s beautifully done, people notice!

This Mother-Of-Pearl knob brings up the wow factor of the simple vanity. It’s like the jewelry on a black dress!

The same rule applies to all the “small details”. A ceiling medallion enhances your chandelier.  Whenever in doubt, opt for the ceiling mediation! You can never go wrong!

3. Rugs: please please please don’t use rugs that are too small. It’s like a skirt that’s too short – it’s skanky!
The general rule of thumb is that the front legs of all seating in a living room/ den should be over the rug. So your rug should be under your sofa by a few inches. I hear a lot of my clients say that they don’t want such a big rug because they’re paying for something that’s going to be covered by sofas, chairs or beds. But I promise the look of it is much more finished and polished.
If you’re using a rug in your dining room, you need to be able to pull your chair out (in order to sit down) and still be on the rug. If you can’t do that, your rug is too small!

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

4 Black & Gold: It’s a trend right now and I love it! That’s all I have to say about it, I just love it!

This lamp is black and gold perfection! It’s so quirky and amazing! (heart image via Pinterest)

As always, never bring anything into your home that you don’t love. If it speaks to you and it makes you feel good, then it’s the right piece!

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