Do you need a personal trainer…or not?

You have decided to start an exercise program, great!! You are now considering whether or not to hire a personal trainer. Do you really need one?  How do you even go about selecting one?

If you are not sure, here are a few things to ask yourself:

1. Can you afford it?

Personal trainers can be expensive. If after reading this blog you feel you would really benefit from having a trainer but your funds are tight, consider working out at home and having a trainer visit you.  You will at least save on a monthly gym membership.  Often trainers working in clubs charge a heftier fee per session because the gym sets the rate and takes a cut.  Depending on the trainer, you can possibly double up with a friend, train together, and split the cost (some trainers may up the cost slightly for two but they will not double it).

Friends training together to save on the cost and have a lot more fun.

Friends training together to save on the cost and have a lot more fun.

2. Are you motivated to train on your own?

Having someone you are accountable to can have a very positive impact. I have clients I’ve had for 9 years now, they know exactly what they should and shouldn’t be doing with weights etc., but if they don’t have a standing appointment with me, they just aren’t going to exercise. You need to know yourself and be honest as to whether you can be accountable to yourself alone.

3. Can you push and challenge yourself?

Sometimes when we are training alone we’ll choose a lighter weight or stop exercising when it gets a little challenging. But if you have a trainer standing there telling you not to quit, to hang on for 10 more seconds or 1 more rep, you will push past those self-imposed limits!Do you know where to start?

A client working hard, whereas if she wasn't with her training, may not put in the same effort.

A client working hard, whereas if she wasn’t with her training, may not put in the same effort.

4. Are you a beginner?

If you are completely new to exercising it can be overwhelming. A personal trainer can help you assess your abilities and bring guidance to help you with your fitness goals and plan a safe and effective workout for you.

Ok, so you’ve asked yourself these questions, and you feel that, yes, indeed, you do need to hire a personal trainer.  How does one make this selection? Who do you choose? Well other than the obvious answer, me (!!), LOL , there are a few things to consider:

-Always verify that they are certified and experienced

-Word of mouth referral is always a good idea

-It is important that your trainer can work within your schedule, sometimes flexibility is needed.

-If you have any special health concerns or medical conditions, be sure that your trainer is capable and qualified to adapt to your needs.

-You and your trainer have to mesh. So you must look for a trainer who suits your personality. It has to go both ways.  I’ve had clients that I stopped training after a few sessions because it just wasn’t working on my end and likewise the other way around.   Some people like to be trained by the “drill sergeant” type, whereas others may prefer more gentle encouragement.

Hope this helps, and remember if you do decide to hire a trainer, you are still responsible for  your overall fitness and well being.  It’s great to get help and encouragement but you still need to put in the effort and discipline.






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