Never Too Early to Say “Thank You”

11143679_10153301365276357_2674186819516671110_n (1)I’m not a wise woman. I’m not a father, nor a husband. I’m a 28-year-old guy with a supportive family, an amazing girlfriend and a career that I love.

I recently went through an unbelievable experience in my life, and I would love to share it with you.

The term “full-circle” never felt so real. My name’s Adam Greenberg aka TB1 (Radio Host on The Beat 92.5) and I’ve been MCing private events such as bar/bat-mitzvahs for the past 12 years. I then parlayed that into a music career along with becoming a radio host in Montreal. I grew up in the West Island and still currently live there. Sixteen years ago, I graduated elementary school. Now, normally when telling people what I do, I don’t end with “I graduated elementary school”, but it’s important to know when reading this.

Usually, we are fortunate enough to have at least one person in our lives that helps mould us into the person we are today. Whether it’s a parent, sibling, teacher, friend, boss, counsellor, whatever. I have many – some whom I’ve had the chance to thank, and some that I haven’t seen since that pivotal moment. My life revolves around these moments. I’m someone who thrives off learning from other people. Whether I know someone for 28 years, or 28 seconds, I collect all sorts of data and ask myself questions. How do I like to be treated? How do other people like to be treated? I watch people’s body language. Are they comfortable? Could I make a joke or something to make them more comfortable? Can they teach me a lesson, or maybe I’ve got a nice little tidbit for them.

Everyone that I meet is essential in building my character. However, there is always one, or some, that stand out. This is where elementary school comes into play.

From grades 4-6, I had a really awesome English teacher. Her name back then was Ms. Elizabeth Wiener (which we oddly never made fun of, probably because she was too chill to make fun of). I say “back then” because I’m fortunate to still know her, but now as Liz. Liz and I have had a unique opportunity to reconnect about 12 years after elementary school. I started MCing her kids’ school parties, so she and I have had the chance to catch up. I got to meet and get to know her kids, and I got to know her husband (who’s the best guy btw). Now we’re getting to that “full-circle” moment.


Liz, top left and Adam, last student top right

A few weeks ago, I was honored to MC Liz’s youngest daughter’s bat-mitzvah. As we were all partying together it hit me, this incredible “full-circle” feeling.

I’m getting a chance to repay someone who had such a positive influence on my life by having a positive influence on her and her family’s life.

The next day, I woke up, and felt the need to say thank you. I wrote an open letter to Liz, thanking her for being such a great teacher, and being an instrumental part in building my character at such a young age. She later told me that reading that letter, made her feel larger than life, it made her cry, and made her so happy. I related it to moments where I have been thanked out of the blue, and it was the most incredible feeling. I was so excited to let her know, and I was even happier it left her feeling amazing.

After having that “full-circle” moment, it made me realize, don’t wait to say thank you. If 11061764_10100326967756274_2622842310938859486_nthere is someone in your life that was or is special, let him or her know. I can assure you, it feels great delivering the message, and equally as great receiving it.

I don’t think my career has as much of an impact on people as being a teacher (or maybe it does), but I now know this; it doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are, you can make a difference in someone’s life.

We all have an extraordinary ability to make someone feel important. Try to use that power, I promise, you won’t regret it.

So, thanks Liz, for being the coolest teacher, and seemingly one of the coolest moms. It seems like you and your family are all best friends. I can only hope that the family I build will be as tight as you guys.

Thanks for everything!

Adam TB1 Greenberg

Born and raised in DDO,  Adam grew up in the typical suburban life. He has a great family, great friends and a very outgoing personality. After mastering the art of being the class-clown, he moved to the theatre stage in high school, allowing his personality to shine in a less obtrusive way. He was a section head at summer camp for years, a Mad Scientist, a Bar/Bat-Mitzvah MC, a video editor, and now he keeps us entertained weekly on Saturdays on The Beat 92.5. He also is part of a DJ duo called 1DAFUL and he has been touring all over Canada, along with Hawaii, Mexico, Miami, Vegas, etc. If you like to dance, smile or laugh, make sure to follow this up and coming force in the entertainment world. He will not let you down!

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