The new green salons!

As we all know global warming is in effect and people around the world have been trying to do their part by recycling.

Here at Coiffure ColorTown we have joined the movement of Les Salons GreenCircle in order to do our part to make our salon a little more environmentally friendly.


You may not know this, but salons waste huge amounts of by-products such as:image-2

  • color excess going down the drain
  • tin foils thrown in the garbage
  • hair spray cans/ empty products
  • Hair
  • color tubes



After last summer’s tragic train accident in Lac Megantic, recycled hair  from GreenCircle salons played a huge part in absorbing the oil spill.

Hair efficiently and productively absorbs oils from water like a sponge.

Metals and plastics recycled by salons contain many chemicals which make it harder to be able to re-use them. Les Salons Greencircle have special recycling plants just for us. This way salons will no longer be a main source of pollution.

For more information please have a look at the Les Salons Greencircle website.


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