Nursery Nightmares No More!

Hey everyone!!!  I know that it has been an insanely long time since I wrote, but I had a baby and life kind of got crazy!

I figured that since I had a baby, my first blog after returning should be about NURSERIES.


The start of the mural process… i had a picture of me pregnant and painting this, but NO ONE needed to see that!

I personally had a lot of fun designing my own nursery, but it took a while to whittle down to the style that I wanted to go with… should it be fun and cutesy, elegant and sweet, sporty and rugged … the list goes on and on.  Then when you finally decide which way you want to go, you have to decide on an actual design!

All of these decisions are probably not best to be left in the hands of every hormonal pregnant lady out there. I swear I must have changed my mind at least ten times!!!  But in the end I stuck to the rules that I give my clients and I ended up being extremely happy with the results.


The start of the collage wall … everything is now filled with pictures of my little man.

The first thing to remember is that anything can be changed, this is not a life altering decision, so don’t drive yourself crazy!  Your child will most likely want to change the room according to his/her tastes within a few years anyways.  Please do not go back and forth, thinking of what he/she might or might not end up liking.  The truth is that YOU are the one sitting in there at 2am, so design it so that you enjoy it!

A good rule of thumb is to design neutral.  Pick a base paint that can go either way and that can be built on.  Example:  My nursery is grey, and since I had a boy, I added in blue accents.  Because the room is grey, it can also be easily changed later if I so choose.  Sticking with neutral paint colors as your base, gives you a little bit more flexibility.  If you happen to know whether you are having a boy or a girl, then you can of course paint the room according to the colors of the sex, but once again, remember that you will be in the room as well, so if you can’t stand bubblegum pink, please don’t paint your room that color because you think that the baby will like it!


Collage wall and bookshelf are complete … the leaves just need to be finished. I didn’t muster the energy to finish off the leaves until my son was about 3 months old!

The other main choice for the room is the theme.  I found it easiest to go according to what bedding was available.  I personally couldn’t find full bed sets that I wanted, so I mix and matched.

Once you have the theme you are on to the fun part.  Start collecting little accessories, or pictures that you feel will work in your nursery.  You also want to remember to create a focal wall (usually the same wall as the crib), you can put fun decals (check out lemondropmuralshop … they are local and create personalized mural decals), you can simply put your baby’s name, put up some wallpaper, or in my case you can paint a mural (not suggested for when you are 9 months pregnant!)

No Matter what you end up creating in your Nursery your baby will love it, because you made it for them!


The finished room!


The finished room!








If you ever have any questions, or have an idea for a design blog please feel free to let me know!

Photos provided by: Interiors Designed by Naomi Weissmann

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