NUTRITION FOR “1”…for you, by you!

I love blogging.  You can talk about anything, anyone, any situation as long as you stay within the confines of your category, stay informative and interesting, making sure your audience gets it! Single folks…this one’s for you!

This week I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to 3 of my most fabulous single friends. They don’t cook, they rarely eat at home and when they do it’s usually delivery.  To be honest, they are all nutritional nightmares! No names  – they know very well who they are, I just merely want to point out to other singles that there is help, it’s around the corner, and we call it the KITCHEN.
Cooking for 1

What’s your excuse? I’ve asked over and over again. The reply is always the same. “I’m single, “it’s only me eating”, “it would be a waste to make food and not have anyone to share it with and throw it out”.  I may sound a bit harsh, but the singles of the world that I know need to start taking care of themselves! I want them to enjoy cooking for “one” because you never know when they will become “two”.  I want them to enjoy a plate filled with love, energy, healthy food at less than half the price of what they spend on eating out. Most importantly, I want them to take the time to care for themselves! So – STOP BEING LAZY SINGLE PEOPLE!

On an early Sunday morning, dress up in your best workout wear and head out to your local store or market…and don’t forget the list!

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1. Go to the store early to avoid crowds and take your time perusing the lanes. If you’re not the early riser go a bit later. You never know who’s hanging out!
2. Spend most of your time in the fruit and veggie section. (Think stir fry.)
3. Buy enough, but not too much so you won’t waste.
4. Make sure to always have a bag of frozen shrimp, frozen veggies and organic eggs.
5. Chicken breasts a must have unless you are vegetarian, packaged 1 breast per freezer bag cut in cubes…(It takes 2 minutes to prepare). Don’t forget a huge bag of organic brown rice or quinoa.

1. Braggs – healthier low sodium soy seasoning
2. Herbamare – low sodium sea salt
3. Your favorite hot sauce
4. Organic olive oil

1. A regular or electric wok – Breville electric Wok…it’s amazing.
2. Rice Cooker – $20.00 at any local Target, Walmart or Canadian Tire.

GET ONLINE, FIND A WOK RECIPE THAT WORKS FOR YOU. Cook once eat twice (that means make extra for leftovers). In just 15 minutes, you will learn to love the experience, but more importantly you will learn to Love Yourself the Healthy Way… dinner for “1” for you, by you!

Next Month’s Blog…Are you allergic or intolerant?

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  • Caroline Kothari
    Posted at 10:28h, 19 December Reply

    Love it! Great tips for me when I’m older.

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